March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Well my poor son this morning had to put up with my silliness.
Last night when I told him that he would be
wearing this "Irish" shirt today
he argued with me something terrible.
I told him it would only be THIS year that the shirt fit him,
so he had better wear it. He STILL had a fit about it.
With his voice cracking, and the waves of emotional discomfort
he ended up just mad at me and went to bed last night.
This morning, he took out the shirt,
and when he looked at it he realized that it said
He must have realized that he could deal with that,
then he comes to me and says

"This shirt is COOL Mom I hadn't wanted to wear it, because I thought
it said KISS ME, I'M IRISH"

And so you see, all that arguing for nothing.
He has gotten on the school bus wearing that shirt
Mom won the battle, and he thinks he's cool. LOL
All that voice cracking and whining,
if only that would be so easy to win.
I will be SOOOO Glad when we are past that part,
Not that I want him to grow up, because he's already grown
WAYYYYY To fast. It was only yesterday that
he was my little platinum haired bundle of love & Laughter.


I am quite proud of Douglas' drawing.
He insisted that I MUST LOOK at this rolled up piece of art paper this morning.
When I unrolled it, this is what I found.

He is so talented, he's been drawing since he was little.
Always drawing things far more advanced than other kids his age.
Just last week, we had to decide and choose on his course of study
for his next 4 years of high school
His electives are all classes in art, and Technical drawing.
I think he will do very well with it.
The story behind this drawing is that it's not just ANY Shoe,
It's the shoe he has. (Actually he has 2 shoes, but only drew 1) LOL
He had wanted this pair of shoes, but they cost $159.00
I told him there was NO WAY I was paying that kind of money
for a pair of shoes that he will outgrow in a few months.
He then asked if he paid the $100 would I then pay the rest.
He had saved the money from his birthday last month.
Okay I agreed. He got his shoes over the weekend,
so I'm not surprised that he's already drawn it on Monday.
What Crazy things kids find to be of great interest for drawing!

I just think that he shouldn't have added the green marks around
the shoe. It would have been better with out it.
It seems to me, that the green pen marks came as an after thought.

Either way, I'm proud of his accomplishment,
and just wanted to share it.


debra said...

just laughing at reading your posting sounds an eventful evening and day. i have all this to come yet with 1 10year old girl, boy 4years and boy 2years. great drawing
Debra xx

Jodi said...

Oh Lynda! You are sooo funny! I love that story, and how your son thought it was something mushy! LOL! I just kept smiling and laughing!! TFS!
Jodi =)