October 25, 2009

The Puppies are here....The Puppies are here!!!

 The day has finally come!!!  Some of you may remember giving reports on a little doggie love affair back in August, the love affair was successful, and today - we have the wonderful result of that little love affair!

My handsome boy Gus, and his dreamy girlfriend Scarlett are the very proud parents of  7 (SEVEN) very very adorable little boys!  Can you believe it?  ALL BOYS!!!!
I am just SO EXCITED, that I HAD to post this and tell everyone!  ha ha
Here you can see the handsome couple back in August when they were saying their goodbyes.

And now?
a couple of pictures that I just took this afternoon
after getting news of the puppies this morning!

Here is a picture of my son holding one of them,
we had a nice little laugh about this little puppies partial mustache!


Marley said...

they are sooooo sweet!! take care of the boys! Hugs Marley

Mina said...

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh how gorgeous are they...especially the half moustached one lol
Mina xxx

the whimsical butterfly said...


Jodi said...

OMG!! I love love love puppies!! Oh I wish I could hold all of them!
Sooo cute!
Jodi =)

Annette said...

Just beautiful or should I say Handsome LOL! So Cute. Take CareX:)