March 29, 2009

Sketch Saturday - Sketch #44

Finally, a little bit of my mojo came back to me last night.
Of course with this weeks awesome sketch
from the "Sketch Saturday Blog"
made it a whole lot easier to get my creative juices flowing.

This was such a fun sketch to follow.
I was DETERMINED NOT to have to use Polkadotted paper
I forced myself to follow that sketch and add ALLLLL the circles.
I used the cutest Digital image from "Victoria Case Art Designs"
entitled "Sharing Berries" Isn't she just a cutie?

I chose to use flowers in place of the circle for the sentiment
because I figured I already had the word "Spring" written
in the "circles" at the bottom.
This was just such a fun sketch to use,
and I really enjoyed mixing up the colors,
and adding all the different elements.
Count them, I added every single one! LOL
Yes I know, I'm a little nuts that way!
I colored her with Copics, and decided to make her outfit
look more like what a pixie would wear,
she just reminds me of a little pixie.


Pascale said...

AMAZING mojo you have Lynda this is terrific. Love how you used the circles. Hugs Pascale

Bente said...

Lovely spring card - can almost feel the temperature rising just by looking at it :). Such a cute image you've got too.
Hugs, Bente

Michelle Redman said...

This is so totally adorable!! I so love how you did the SPRING!! You rock!! Great job!!

SemSee said...

This is stunning, Lynda! The way you've done the masses of circles is soooo clever! I think this was one of SS's best sketches, as everyone's interpretations of those circles has been different. Hugs, Sem x

Risa said...

Your card is beautiful Lynda! The layout is very inspiring and I love the vibrancy of your colors!!! Wow!

Bev said...

What a fabulous take on what I think is a tough sketch. I love the "spring! - what a brilliant idea!! x

Anonymous said...

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