April 6, 2009

Roses on Paper - A little Illumination & Sugar Nellies POM

When I first saw what the challenge was
for this weeks Roses On Paper challenge blog
I thought, I'm for sure going to sit this one out.
I was just NOT ready to tackle this challenge.
I had always thought I'd like to try it, but just NOT YET!

Well.... WHY NOT?
Decorating a candle... How hard could it be?
I finally bought some candles, yes I said "SOME"
I just knew that I would have to work on this skill,
and knew I'd most likely have mistakes, and hey, if they are my
mistakes, then I can always just burn the candle, right?

Well "If at First you don't succeed...."

This was my first attempt
(front & back)I was NOT thrilled with the outcome,
My wax paper got wrinkled and there was just no fixing it.
Mind you I'm in love with the images, and the embellisments, BUT
the quality of it looks like........ Well, you know what I mean!

Soooo.... TRY AGAIN

This was my 2nd try, STILL had wax paper issues,
just not as bad as the first time.

(front & back)This one is actually a Sugar Nellie image,
which I wasn't planning to use for this challenge,
but I WILL use it for the Sugar Bowls POM for April.
I know you can't buy Sugar Nellie at RoP.
but I included this one here because it was all
part of my "Practice"... BUT....

Still NOT Satisfied.... SOOOO TRY TRY AGAIN....

This time I got this brilliant idea to go "Scandinavian"
YEAH YEAH YEAH Of course, Why didn't I think of that?
Wait, I DID think of that!

I went with a more simple "Punched" flower type embellishments
And let my Tilda with Dala Horse
and my Nordstrom stamps Do the rest.

I found a "new" little trick to the wax paper
NEVERMIND holding it,
I used a glue runner and just tacked it in place (nice & tight)
once it was being heated you never see it.

And.... Ta Daaaaa I took 4 pictures, because I wanted to show the
"ALL THE WAY AROUND" look of the candle.


Sue said...

Oh my word hun they are gorgeous i luv them, beautiful work. have to say when i tried this i wasnt very succesful me candle sorta melted, i lost me rag n gave up after couple attempts. Well done, sue.x

Pascale said...

Amazing work Lynda i love them all I think the third attempt is amazing but don't be too disheartened by the others they look fab, hugs pascale

Anonymous said...

I love them! The last one is so you, I can't believe it! No wonder you're not going to give it away!

Rosette said...

LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY LYnda.. I love them all.. but your scandinavian candles are THE BEST AROUND!!! :)

Bente said...

WOW!! These were just gorgeous!! It looks so great, and must be really difficult - I've wanted to try this myself - but the time.... not enough hours in the day... Have a nice day!!

Secret Dreams And Passions said...

Your candles are just beautiful!! The embellishments and the colors really make the candles very unique and pretty... GREAT JOB!!
Denise from OHio

Sandy said...

These turned out beautifully! I think each set has it's own beauty! Great colors too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda!! ALL of these look gorgeous!! :)

Iris said...

Wow Lynda your candles are amazing. I like them all, but the last one, the Scandinavian one just blew me away!!!!!! It is stunning. Love everything about it, the image, the embellies,the colors and the fantastic Nordstrom stamps! This is a master piece!
Thanks for playing with us and good luck to you hun!


linnes said...

Wow all three of them! Absolutely gorgeous!

Peta said...


Jodi said...

OMG Lynda!! You did such an awesome job with your candle creations!! How awesome that you did so many too! I love them all.
Thanks for playing and good luck to you.
Jodi =)

LINDA said...

OMG These are FABULOUS!!! I really love them!!!
Hugs, Linda

Anki said...

I love them all! They are wonderful and it's difficult sometimes not to keep the heat too close to the waxpaper - that was my first mistakes anyway. Självklart älskar jag mest dina ljus som har den Skandinaviska looken ;-)) Hoppas du får en härlig påsk! Glad Påsk och många kramar - Anki (You need to have some challenge to translate all of that while you are eating a lot of chocolate eggs...hihi...)

maxine said...

wow fantastic candles, think I need to practice a bit more.

Hazel (Didos) said...

I love them all, I really like the colours in the last 2 the best. Well done on getting it right. Think I found it easier as I only had a wee space to work on with the thin candle. Will have to try like yours now as they are so good.

sugacatz said...

Fab candles. I am so going to try and make them next. Yours are the bees knees. Lx

debra said...

I think they are all wonderful but i must admit i love the colours of the last one, you are brave and patient doing it three times to succeed, i am to supposed to be trying this out this week so i will enlighten you on how i get on, more than likely melt the candle knowing my look and as for patience well i haven't any (lol)
hugs Debra

Susan said...

I would take any of these candles! Great job and just beautiful work! Thanks again for joining us and good luck!

Summer... said...

Wholy shmokes Lynda!! I'm blown away by your GORGEOUS candle creations! OMgoodness! I'm thinking you could make some fierce decorated cakes, too!! LOL! WOW! Thanks so much for your FAB candles!! = )