April 19, 2009

Some very exciting news!

I just couldn't resist creating this picture, simply because he's my baby...

Yep, my youngest baby who is 3 1/2 years old already has FINALLY got a girlfriend. I've always wanted to use him for breeding, but haven't found someone nearby until recently.

"Gus" met his blind date "Scarlet", the other day, and wasn't so sure he liked her, but today, he met her again, he seemed quite happy to get to see her, no growling this time.
Most likely in August they will begin their intimate affair, which will HOPEFULLY result in Christmas babies. Isn't that just so exciting?

Well, maybe not for some of you, but for me it's very very exciting. I think his new "Girlfriend" is just beautiful, and think they will make a great couple.
What do you think?

Now aren't you glad I wrote about this little bit of information?
With that said, I can go to bed and get ready to start a new week.

HALLELUJAH My son goes back to school this week. They had one week off from school and by about Wednesday I just wanted to run away. 14 year olds - PHEW what a treat, of course they have ALL the answers, and they eat ALL DAY LONG!!! LOL

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Risa said...

Thanks for sharing the news about your doggies love life...lol! Hopefully their romance will blossom and we'll see some pictures of puppies around Christmas time. My kids return to school tomorrow and I can't wait!!! What on earth am I gonna do when they are released for summer vacation??? lol