May 4, 2009

Dare U 2 Digi Stamp Challenge #5

Wow - I feel like I'm so far behind!
Normally I am getting my challenge entry done
within a day or two, but this week with starting my new job,
everything has been changed around a little bit.
I will soon get used to being in a different routine I'm sure.

Okay so for this weeks "Dare U 2 Digi Stamp" challenge,
I went with the awesome sketch provided for me,
and decided that I would make my card a card that
one of my new c0-workers asked if I could make.
I'm game for anything, Soooooo
Since she needed some sort of "Aladdin" themed card
I checked everything I had, and I came up with

Time to call in my son, the poor kid.
I forced him to sit down and take it seriously
and DRAW me a Genie.
Well.... What he came up with was pretty rough.
The swirling clothing was perfect
the face was Almost perfect, but the turbin OH NOOOOO!

I did some altering, and I changed the eyebrows,
& I made the chin jut out,
I added the line for under the lip,
As for the turbin, well, I had to search images to see
EXACTLY HOW they were drawn
after about 13 tries, I FINALLY got it.
and okay NOW we have a genie.

Scanning this into the computer,
and then doing image clean up well that was easy compared
to the struggle of getting the image
to look right in the beginning, but after all that,
I'm pleased to say, I'm happy with the result.

The lamp, well, that was easy enough to draw
I traced a Cricut cut out, from the paper doll cartridge,
and then drew in the rest.

And... Ta Daaaa....
This is now my digital image.
Needless to say,
it took most of the day Saturday to accomplish this.

So here you can see our home made Digi.
My poor son will NEVER forgive me for wasting his Saturday!
He was quite mad at me for making him do this!
Afterwards, I did his chores
in trade for him making my image. LOL
He loved that trade off,
but he was STILL mad that he "wasted" his day!
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