May 14, 2009

Digital Tuesday Challenge #6 - Non-Traditional

What a FABULOUS challenge this week.
the "Digital Tuesday Challenge"
was to make a non-traditional folding or shaped card
This truly was a challenge, considering I was just DYING to use
my brand new digi image.

Yes that's right, MY VERY OWN Digi image.
This cute Softball player is called "Softball Donna" and with reason.
After a lot of trial and error, eraser dust,
and a lot of scanning and editing, I finally was talking to someone
at work, who just happens to draw,
and he ended up helping me with some finer details.
"Brother Donald" was a true gem when he helped me with
those finer details I decided to name this image "Donna"
It's only fitting, right?

THEN to come up with a Shaped card for this challenge.
It hit me like a ton of bricks. I KNEW what I wanted to do,
so I found an image of a baseball glove
and I took it from there, and ta da...
the shape of my card has been born.

I was originally going to do paper piecing in order to
create this glove, but after trying a couple of times,
I decided that I could just put my DP in my printer
and print this glove right on the paper.

Here is what I came up with.
I sort of wish that I hadn't tried to make the hat 2 tone colored
I think it would have been better to be left all one color,
But... what's done is done.

Now for the inside:
I used my Martha Stewart circle cutter to make
the different size circles which I then drew on
and paper pierced in order to make it look
more like a baseball/softball.
I used Stampin' Up chalks to give the appearance
of that "Dirty" look

And there you have it -
Might I just add, that I LOVE the way this card turned out. =)
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