June 7, 2009

Digital Stamp Oasis

Wow, WHERE has this past week gone?
It's Sunday night already, it seems as this week has
gotten away from me.
I have been busy making cards, but just none of them worked for any challenges.
(they all seem to be graduation cards)

I have 3 more to do, and then I can take a break from those.
Hopefully I will get a chance to participate in some challenges
this week. I miss it! There just doesn't seem to be enough
hours in the day anymore.
Between working full time, making dinner, and doing outside
gardening and yard work... It's crazy!
But.... Thankfully I work for a school, and soon will have a little more time here.

Anyway, I guess I've been yapping,
So I wanted to post this weeks Digital Stamp Oasis card
I wish I had better ideas, but they just didn't seem
to come to me this evening.
To much gardening today (weeding),
I think my brain has been overcome with weeds as well! LOL

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