June 20, 2009

Digital Tuesday Challenge - #11

Okay, Blue, Brown & Bling.... You got it.
I will keep this post quick,
since I have so much to get done before tomorrow.
I decided to use the Digital Tuesday Challenge
for creating a gift bag for my dad.
Tomorrow is Fathers day, and I'm sure that he will love this bag.
Sorry but my dad is not into TOO much Bling,
so I only added a little bit of blingage! (Just some glitter glue dots)
I think that will be enough for him! LOL

I will be filling this gift bag with his favorite candies, which are
Circus Peanuts and Butterscotch hard candies.
So the Dustin Pike image with the bear holding that carrot
in front of that adorable turtle seemed to suit this gift bag perfectly.

Anyway, I guess that's all...
Here is the front and back side of my gift bag.
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