June 27, 2009

Just Magnolia - #11 - Bev's Sketch

Good Morning! I can't believe it's Saturday already.
I had 3 days off this week that seem to have
disappeared too fast.

I did have time to make my card for the
this week, Bev has a fantastic sketch that
was both easy to work with, and lots of
fun to use. I will definitely be using this
sketch again sometime.

I decided that I would make my card a graduation card
I think this is the final graduation card that I need to make
for this year anyway.
And this final Grad card is actually for my niece.
The funny thing is, on MY graduation day
I have a picture where I was holding her,
She was just 2 months old, and now here she is Graduating.

So I spent my day yesterday, working on her card, and baking
the cake for her graduation party.
Still unsure how I was going to decorated her cake
I came up with a brilliant idea while I was working on my Card.
I thought, WHY NOT enlarge Graduating Tilda,
Mount her on some stiff cardboard, and stand her up
on the cake next to a Graduation Cap.

This sure would save me from having to come up with something
else, and prevent me from having to Draw on the cake.
Now all I have to do is write on it.

Okay, so first I'll show you the card, and then for a little something
extra to see, I'll show you the cake.
I have to do it you know, especially since they match.
Sorry that the picture of the inside didn't come out as clear,
But I think you get the idea. =)
The Cake!

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