September 1, 2009

I'm Bouncing off the walls.... This is definitely some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

Just GUESS who will be
"Growing Smiles & Bright Days"
If you don't know where THAT slogan comes from
then you are missing something fabulous!

Yes it's true, I will be joining
"The Greeting Farm"

design team as one of their "Fall Gardeners"
If you only knew how very excited I am about
being a part of such a spectacular team for 3 months.

I'm (almost) speechless, but I will tell you
that when I got the news that I had been selected
my stomach literally turned inside out, and I thought
I was imagining things.
I couldn't help but get my son to read my email
and tell me if I'm reading that correctly.

Imagine a 14 yr old boy getting excited and giving me a high 5?
Yes, he did that!
Then I went even MORE nuts, and called a close friend
and she couldn't even say "Hello" I was already babbling
uncontrollably. She must have thought some emergency happened. LOL
But of course they both know how much I love TGF,
The Stamps, The Challenges, The Release parties,
and all the buzz that goes along with it.
Oh I'm just so excited.

I am so happy to be working with some amazingly talented Farmers & Gardeners
The other "Fall Gardeners" are
Lisa Futch
- Mercy Kerin - Sandra MacLean
Congratulations Ladies!
make sure you visit their blogs, and take a look at their talent,
and be sure to congratulate them too.

I can't wait to start working with them,
Ohhh, and through the holiday season too.
Talk about EXCITING!!!!

Anyway, enough babble from an overly excited "Fall Gardener"
I think I'll show you one of the cards that I created
and sent with my application.

I have to say this was probably my favorite project.
I even created the circus papers myself.
I just love altering things, and I certainly altered
Chef Ian, or else he wouldn't have such LOOOONG Legs! LOL

Come One...Come All!
and of course the inside,
It's a circus birthday invitation.What do you think -- Is this a fun card or what?

Thank you Marie & Jessica for this awesome opportunity.
I know your job going over the applicants must have been difficult.
I don't envy you guys at all!!!

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