October 6, 2009

Then... and Now.... - I'm Dying here!!!

 I decided to break out a couple of stamps
that I don't think I've used since last year
when I bought them.

So as I began stamping, and then coloring
the thought crossed my mind to look and see
if I happened to have taken a picture of the card
I made last year.  OHHHH BOY!
Sure enough I did!!!

Since I'm finished with my card THIS YEAR
I figured I'd give you all a good laugh...
You can all laugh with my permission
simply because I just couldn't believe
the difference a year makes.

My Stamps are the Pilgrim boy and the Pilgrim Girl
from "Stamp 'n Plus Scrap 'n"
(Mary Helen Gould Harvest Collection)
and while I thought I had made a pretty creative card last year
I look back now, and say to myself
"What Was I Thinking?"

Well hey, I was still fairly new at card making at that time.
So now a year later, I can compair and see the differences.
I wonder what NEXT year will be like!
I may just have to use these stamps again and see!

Okay here you go....

That was THEN
This is NOW

I just HAD to share this with you,
I know I had a good laugh over it, so I thought
I'd let you laugh too!
I am DEFINITELY going to say that this years card

The white card part is stamped with a Maple Leaf
in fall colors, and the sentiment was computer generated.
DP's are from the Debbie Mumm "Harvest & Holiday" collection.

Hope you are all having a Great Tuesday!


Sparkle said...

Such a darling image. I love both of your cards. I think we're always evolving. :)

coldwaters2 said...

Well Lynda I love the one you have just made it is great those are cute little characters but to tell you the truth I am not laughing at the first one either because it is also very lovely your talent has increased a lot but you still had it then.

Lorraine x

Bev said...

What a difference a year makes indeed babe. When I look back at my miserable first attempts I cringe!! No way would I post them on my blog ha hahaha.

Love your card, the rich autumnal colours are fabulous x

Mina said...

wow what a difference a year makes dosent it...you should see mine lol...fabulous colouring on the second and the first isnt bad just the second is much much much better lol
Mina xxx

Lisa said...


What a nice reminder of how much your talents have evolved. Beautifully colored and designed!


Tammy said...

Hi Lynda
Both your cards are wonderful.
This is what I love about having my blog too. I love looking back and seeing how much I've grown. You have grown so much this year too!
Keep up hte wonderful work.

Lilian said...

Both your cards are so cute! I still like the old one too. :) It's how I make cards sometimes. Your coloring has changed but I bet if you used the same layout today it would still be beautiful. :) Love the falling leaves.