December 30, 2009

TGF's 12 Days of Christmas Sketches - Sketch 10

Wow.... Wednesday already~
Happy Wednesday!!!
I think I will make this a quick post,
so that I have more time to play.
Although, I actually DO HAVE TO brave the cold weather
and go out for a bit today, I dread it!
I tend to like it right here inside where it's warm and cozy! LOL

Okay, so on with todays card!
The Greeting Farm
is already on it's 10th day of sketches can you believe it?
The galleria is filling up nicely with everyones entries.
What a talented bunch of TGF Fans there are!

Sketch #10

Now before I show you my card I have to just say that
I am one lucky duck!!! Marie created 2 very adorable digi's
as a Christmas gift exclusive only for the DT.
So that is what I used on my card today.
Meet Anya & Ian in their sweaters!

I really wanted them to be all set to ring in the new year,
so I added a clock with the words "Happy New Year" on it.
That's the fun of using Digi's!
Now.... are these guys just darling or what?
I bet you they got those fine sweaters for Christmas.
What do you think?

Thank you again Marie & Jessica for this awesome gift!
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