February 1, 2010

Elisabeth Bell, going Digi????

Yes... You heard me right....
Boy was I surprised, but I think it's AWESOME!
Imagine .... Elisabeth Bell,
who is the Very Talented artist for
Belles 'n Whistles Stamps.
has a couple of Digi's available starting Today!!!

I often wondered why she didn't do digital,
well she's giving it a try, and I got to play with
one of her first Digi images,
now just HOW COOL IS THAT???

This one is called "A Tasty Read"
This is just such a darling image!
She's available right now on Elisabeth's Blog.
I don't know how long she'll be available,
so you'll want to head over there as soon as possible.

This is the first card that I created,
Although I like this card, I really wanted to try a
detachable bookmark card.
So I created this one.

This was a fun one to make, and since I had never tried one
before, I found it to be a tiny bit of a challenge.
But I succeeded, I think it needs a few more frills,
but for the bookmark part, I tried to keep in mind
that this needed to be as flat as possible for the sake of
actually detaching it, and using it in a book. 

I'm not sure what book she's reading, but I think I want
to read it next, she looks as though she's REALLY into
whatever is going on in that story.

My oh my she's such a doll!
Now hurry, and go get yours, I can't wait to see
what you will create with her.
Inspiration girls, Inspiration... lets see it!!!

Make sure you stop by the blogs of
Rosette, Kathrin, Iris and Jodi 
where you can see more Fabulous cards
made with this precious image!
Thanks for stopping by today...
I hope you have a very "Crafty" day!
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