February 15, 2010

PERKY Monday over at Belles 'n Whistles - My PERKABOOK Card!

Gooooooooood Morning Peeps!!!

It's Monday, and a new week has begun.
What do you think of the title of this post? HA HA

Today, it was my turn to post over on the
Belles 'n Whistles Blog ,
and that is what I called my post over there!
Yep, I'm a little bit nuts, but I blame it all
on my miserable head cold,
and the effects of my cold medicine.

Therefore, I think I'm going to keep this post
as short & sweet as I possibly can!

Yesterday I woke up with all kinds of sinus issues,
and On Valentines Day no less!
But what made it even worse was that I spent
the better part of my day driving to
an airport that was 2 hours away, to pick up my husband!
Lucky him had just spent a week in Florida while
I stayed home and worked in a very cold
and snowy NY State all week!  Nice huh? LOL

Okay, but since we had a snow day last week,
I had time to sit and work on something I had never
tried before!

It's a "Perkabook" Card!
You wonder why I say it that way? 
Well, it's a Pocketbook shaped card, but
I'm sure it will "Perk up" the birthday girl
that receives it!  LOL
Therefore, I call it my "Perkabook" card!

Of course "Lil Miss Poppy" is just dying for you to open it up
and see what goodies she has laying around
inside this little Perkabook!
Now aren't you glad you went digging around
in there?  Isn't that little "Cupcake" Belle just adorable?
You just never know what you may find in a perkabook like this!
Surely there has to be a nice birthday surprise in there!

Since this was my very first attempt making a purse shaped
card, I don't think it came out to bad! 
Actually, I seem to like it very much!
Just one tiny flaw that is really driving right on
my very last nerve.  It's the FLAP!!!!
I just can NOT believe that didn't double check my fold.
Now the pattern is going in the wrong direction, and of course
DOPEY ME... I had no more of that paper.
So I had to squeeze my eyes shut, and hope no one notices.

I think I'm going to give this to my mom for her birthday this
year, at least this a mistake only a mother would love regardless!
OOooooooPs..... LOL

Now I think I've talked enough,
I'm going to go and rest, and hopefully get some
relief from this head cold of mine!

Have you all started making your challenge card yet for the
Roses On Paper & Belles 'n Whistles challenge?
If not, you still have this week to complete it!
It's a color challenge using the colors
Pink, Brown, and Cream!

Thanks for stopping by, and seeing my PERKABOOK!
Now, Shhhh, be very silent, don't go back and check out
my slight error, and for goodness sake, DON'T tell anyone,
Maybe they won't notice!  LOL

Wishing you all a crafty week!

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