February 22, 2010

ROP/BnW Challenge and my Belles 'n Whistles Calendar for February

Good Morning, and Happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had a restful weekend, with lots
Of time for crafting!  Ha ha!!!
I did accomplish a little bit, but had a little bit of a struggle
since our lovely puppy made me smash my hand in the door.
Can you imagine? 

My husband swears it's broken according to the swelling,
Although I can move it, so I said, oh I'll be fine...
So I struggled through my day,
and actually managed to complete a card! 
Can't keep a crafter away from her stuff, now can you?
Okay, today I'm posting 2 things in this post.
of course only if my Internet will ever allow me,
I can't get a connection to save my life for the last couple of hours,
Soooo I'm actually typing this up in Word, and hopefully by
morning the internet connection will be working..
If not.....Well then I'll have to do some
stomping and carrying on like a little child....
not that it will change anything....

Okay... So enough about that,
lets get right down to what you actually came here for.

The challenge this week on the
Roses On Paper / Belles 'n Whistles challenge blog
Is to create a "Boys" card. 
You know, it truly is hard to make boys cards
without adding a lot of frills.
I am always at a loss of what to for embellishing.
So as usual, this was a real challenge for me. 
Thankfully I got that done before I hurt my hand!  
Isn't he just the cutest little sailor you have ever seen?
Let me tell you, I was so excited last year when I found out
That the Mimosa stamps were coming to the
Roses On Paper Shop.  They are just DARLING stamps,
and not seen nearly enough. So this is the reason
why I chose to use this cute little guy!
The background image is from Magnolia.  I think it was
the perfect thing to put behind my little sailor, don't you?

Now, the next thing I have posted is a
Belles 'n Whistles Calendar page.
If you are a person who follows Belles 'n Whistles
you may remember last month our lovely Lils,
came up with a Calendar idea so that
you all could make calendars,
There is a template available at the BnW Blog.

Every month around the 20th, we will be showing
what we've created.  But since the 20th fell on a weekend this
month, we are showing them today.
You can see more of the DT's samples by going to the
Belles 'n Whistles blog, and while you're there,
why not grab the template for yourself.
We'd love to see what ideas you come up with.

This is what I came up with for the month of February. 

I used "Kitty Love" from the Belles 'n Whistles
"Sweet Things" Collection!  I just love her
vibrant dress, she's so sweet cuddling with her little kitty
that way.  Notice I also used a highlighter and highlighted
the 14th on the calendar.  I decided I would do that for holidays.

I now have the next page for my calendar book.
What's great about this, is that you won't lose track of peoples
Birthdays anymore, and it doesn't have any set year,
so this calendar will be good for more than just one year. 
I should just get all of my months done at one time,
so I don't forget anyone elses Birthday....
I'm terrible with that,
because unless I have it written down and in view

Sooooo, this is all for now,  I hope you have a wonderful week.
Now it's back to work I go, after having a full week off....  Ohhh I'm dreading it!
I was getting quite comfy staying home!  LOL
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