February 10, 2010

TGF and a Valentine Surprise

As many of you may already know
there was a sweet surprise for all of us over on
The Greeting Farm's Blog.

There is a free Valentine Digital image
called "Bertie Valentine". 
He is only there for a limited time, (Until Sunday)
so if you want him, you had better make sure to snag him.

Anyway, I decided I would use him right away
for kids Valentine cards.
I didn't go crazy with embellishing or anything like that,
simply because I'm giving these to the kids in my class at school.
Either they will never make it home, or they will become ripped
and honestly I just didn't want to put a whole lot of effort
into something that may just end up torn within minutes! LOL

Not only that, but since I work with Special needs kids,
I'm sure half of them won't know the difference
of store bought cards or handmade ones.
I think their biggest interest will be the lollipop that
is attached to it.  Who needs the little card when there is candy?

So I thought I would share my little Valentine cards with you.
Of course I shrunk Bertie down, so he was about 2.5 inches tall.
coloring him small like that took a little more patience,
but all in all, I think they came out just too Stinkin Cute!

So there you have it, 8 little Bertie Valentine Cards,
for 8 special little boys!  Can you believe that each and every
one of these cards are going to be given to a boy?

I almost shudder to think of them just shredding it to get to
the lollipop, BUT... At least I know I didn't go crazy with
time or embellisments!  Whew.. Thankfully that will be my only
saving grace I think!  LOL

Thanks for taking a peak!


☼ Cheryl* said...

I think the image is sooo nice!! My computer ink is running out so I can't try him out yet :(
The cards are lovely! The boys will love them :)

Jodi said...

Wow!! Lynda, you have colored all of these? I can't believe you did all of them so quickly! LOVE This and how creative too!
Jodi =)