August 2, 2010

Club Anya's "Monday Mania" with Joni

 Greetings everyone!  What a weekend we've had!  Partying with The Greeting Farm, celebrating their 2nd birthday!  Did you all join in on the huge blog hop?  There were some AMAZING cards out there in blog land to be seen!

So anyway, this morning I happened to be reading the Club Anya and Friends Blog, only to find out that the wonderfully talented Joni Wilson is hosting this weeks Monday Mania Challenge.  I'm a sucker for altering, so I JUST HAD TO find time to play along!  =)  Needless to say, I created my card, instead of folding the laundry.... **Tisk Tisk**  I don't think my hubby is too thrilled with that idea, but tomorrow after work I will tackle that task!  ha ha... It's a good thing I don't buy many things that wrinkle too badly!  LOL

Anyway, sooooooooooooooo Joni's Monday Mania challenge is to Morph your Anya's.... Well Morph is exactly what I did... But I morphed an Anya and a Wild Sprout, now that's an interesting combination I must say!  Wait until you see what I did!!!

I have Wild Sprout Audrey's head, on Sassenach Anya's body... and the PERFECT sentiment from TLC Creations!  LOL  Are you ready for this?

Sorry... I just couldn't help myself!  This reminds me of what my niece would do when she was younger.  Always the Tomboy, and had her hair pulled back, then my sister would dress her up, and ohhhhhhhh you would think she was dying.... The frown, the rolling of the eyes, and oh heaven forbid if you tried to take her picture, she'd stick her tongue out at you...  She was MISERABLE in a dress!!!!!  She's grown up now, and of course LOVES dressing up, and doing her hair and make-up... who would have thought it would happen?  LOL

So there you have it Joni my dear, I morphed these two cuties, and this is what I came up with!  What a SUPER fun challenge, and easy too!  =)

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peak at my wild sprout Anya!  LOL  =)


~*Joni said...

FABULOUS! I just love the story behind it Lynda! What a fun inspiration behind your altered image. I am sure your niece appreciates the tribute. ;) The colors are wonderful, soooo happy the laundry stayed unfolded just for this challenge! :D

Kim said...

Oh my goodness this is brilliant, It's the best of both worlds and your coloring is amazing!

Tasha said...

Love your altering its so cool, such a cute card
love tasha xx