August 17, 2010

Some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share!!!

Goooooooood Morning everyone!  
I couldn't wait to share my good news, but I never like to jinx myself, so I waited until I had my "official" Welcome letter! 

As many of you have seen in a post I had last week, I entered a couple of cards and even a heart shaped box for the Elisabeth Bell Design Team Call.  Well Saturday night, I was on pins and needles....  When I checked her blog just shortly after 10:00PM my time, I was jumping out of my skin....  Yes I really did jump up and down, and I went crazy!!!  LOL  I was one of the 8 girls chosen to be on her Digi DT.  I'm sure you all know how very talented Elisabeth Bell is, and I've gotten to work with some of her Digi's in the past when she began releasing some Digi's, but to be "officially" part of her DT, I can't tell you how excited I am!

My husband was the first person I told, and of course we were at the DIRT Races at the time, wow he was grumpy, and snapped and said, "Big Deal, no one cares about that stuff"  ha ha.... and I said... Well I won't say what I said... and then went on doing my happy dance.   My husband just doesn't get it at all....  He always says, "when you start earning money, let me know"  ha ha..Do you know what my reply to that always is???  I always say, "When do you earn money for all the hours of work you put into that race car that all you have to do is fix and repair almost each night of the week"  He usually quiets down immediately, and then I always have to add just a little more, so I say... "Working on a DIRT Modified is YOUR Hobby, and Crafting is mine"  The conversation comes to a stop... and even though he likes to be a grump, the first person he comes to when someone needs a card is me....  so even though he won't ever speak the words, I do know that he is ok with what I do.  

Don't get me wrong, my husband and I don't argue that much, but I'm sure to others it would seem that way.  He just has a "special" way about him....  He loves to tell me how horrible things turn out on my cards.  LOL
For instance, recently I made 30 Birthday invitations and matching Thank you cards for his nieces 1st Birthday.  Then of course the card that we gave her with her gift was handmade.  Haaaa, while sitting at the birthday party, each store bought card that was opened, he kept nudging me saying... "Now that's an awesome card"  So now you see what I get to contend with.... I usually just say "yeah yeah yeah"  because what he says and what he means are usually two different things.  And to think, ALLLLL this behavior from a man who got me $100 worth of Magnolia stamps for Christmas last year. 

Okay so you really didn't want to read all about my husband, BUT, you know me and my gabbing... Especially when I'm excited....  Not to mention I can't drop a miserable reply from my husband without explaining just HOW he is... right?

Alright, now that I've blabbered on and on, I will finish my coffee, finish putting together a card that I've been working on, and THEN.....  I think I'm going to make a EB Card just for fun!!!!  =)
Working in the basement can wait a little while!  LOL


~*Joni said...

Congratulations Lynda!!! TRULY deserving of this DT, your work is awesome. I really do think you need to do a tut on how to create your own blog background - I am always amazed when I come over to visit!! Woohoo for you!!!

Emma Lockley said...

Yeah! Huge congrats Lynda! WOW im so happy for you, thats amazing news. I love Elisabeth Bell and your cards so there a perfect match!
love emma xxx

A Cards Delight said...

Congratulations for being chosen for the EB Digi DT!!!

Renkata said...

Congrats Lynda!
Enjoy your time on DT.
You have pretty background of your blog.
Love it.

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lynda I have enjoyed reading your 'gabbing' you are excited so you carry on my love lol, I am so thrilled for you a big congratulations
Lorraine x

Jacilynn said...

wow congrats Lynda! THis is awesome news. Congrats.

Chelsea said...

Congrats Lynda! You will make them proud! Your work is fantastic and I can't wait to see what you make with these adorable images.