March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning with Belle....

Greetings and Happy Spring....  It was my turn to post over on the Belles 'n Whistles Blog today, and I have something that I think is pretty darn cute to share.  I thought I'd post it here on my own blog as well. 

Needless to say, at our house we've started our Spring Cleaning a little early.  Partly because we've HAD to do it.  This year our Spring cleaning includes new paint throughout the entire house.  We had a heater mis-hap, and our walls among many other things ended up having a thin coating of black soot over it all.  WHAT A MESS!  Everything, and I mean EVERY SINGLE thing has had to be wiped or washed.  This has been going on for well over a week now, and I'm so tired of my house looking completely disorganized. 

I thought I would put some adorable little Belle stamps to work.  Hey, if I have to do the cleaning then so should Belle, right?  We've had to start our Spring Cleaning a little early in our house due to a heater mis-hap.  We ended up having a black film of soot all over everything... (the walls, the curtains, pictures, windows, you name it, we have to clean it) 

The inspiration behind this little project was partially due to my husband hanging up things on the freshly painted walls in all the wrong places.  I then decided to create THIS since he insists that something should be hung in a certain spot that I actually had nothing hanging there....

When I created this wall plaque, I tried my best to make it a tad bit DISORGANIZED in it's layout.  Do you know how hard that is to do?  Having things centered or lined up is something that just comes naturally, but to deliberately make things off just a bit, and not have things lined up was a little harder than I thought it would be.  For instance, having the word "Cleaning" placed where it is, really drove me a little crazy.  I have such troubles not putting things where my mind thinks they should go.  ha ha

I had lots of fun working on this.  The beaded doo-dad between the two bows was a tiny challenge, but it worked out pretty well.  So there you have it, something fresh and new for my hubby to finally have something to hang on that wall.  ha ha...  Who knew a man would be so determined for something to be hung on a wall.  LOL

Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek today.  =)


Anonymous said...

Wow Lynda!! You've been doing some major cleaning girl!! I bet it feels good to have it all painted though!! :) I adore your fun wall hanging here!! The colors are so bright and full of Spring!! You always come up with clever projects!! TFS! HUGS


Super cute creation. I love it.
The colors and coloring are beautiful.