August 16, 2011

Have you ever kept a "Travelers Journal"???

Good Evening....  I've been having such a fun day today, not that I'm happy that we are getting major rain storms, BUT.... Gloomy days are a perfect excuse to spend the day crafting, right? 

Today, I just couldn't help but to create a journal for taking notes about all the fun stuff someone does while they are driving from state to state.  Heaven knows I could probably fill this book rather quickly.  There are always things that I see, and want to remember, or something funny that happened, that I wouldn't want to forget.  Of course there are always those little momento's you gather along your travels, such as ticket stubs, bottle caps, unique cocktail napkins, you name it, you are bound to find it along your travels...  Wouldn't a journal to jot your thoughts and memories in, be fun????

Sooooo, my Travelers Journal has 20 pages, double sided, leaving lots of room for writing, and tacking things inside. 

I used my Magnolia stamps, simply because they are just so darn cute.   Did you know that Just Magnolia's Challenge Blog is having a challenge with the theme of "Holiday"....  Aiming more for the summer holiday, what could be better than a journal for your travels?
Soooo, here goes, I'm officially entering the Just Magnolia Challenge.  Wow, I haven't entered a challenge over there in a LONG TIME....  I must say, I miss playing with my Maggies...

and here is a photo from an angle, so that you can see the light blue pages.  I have used my zutter distress -it-all to distress all of these pages, it really gives the book a nice full look.  You would never know that there are only 20 sheets there.  It looks like more, right?

Do you notice anything in Edwins pocket?  LOL  A torn piece of the map, rolled up, so it appears like he's carrying a map in his pocket.  Isn't he handsome? 

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my Travelers Journal. 
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