August 27, 2011

A Sweet Little Treat

Happy Saturday,  I honestly don't know what kind of crazy state my brain is in,  THIS cute little project should have been posted yesterday, but between plans for School Shopping, and working with graphic design type of stuff, I FORGOT....  *gasp*

That's okay though, because what I'm posting is ADORABLE, and worth waiting until today.  There is a brand new challenge for this month over at Elisabeth Bells World.  If you haven't stopped by there yet, you will definitely want to.  You should see all the beautiful inspiration the DT has given you.  Not to mention if you participate I think I will be jeleous - OHHHH MY GOODNESS, the prize this month is just killing me... I WANT THAT PRIZE... and sadly I can't play to win it...  Darn!!!  LOL

But anyway, I guess I should stop drooling over that prize, because it's just not going to happen for me.. I should just show you what I made for that Challenge.  There is a little tiny story behind my project though....  LOL  You just might get a little laugh over it.  But first....  Here it is...

I created this little fenced basket for a friend and co-worker.  You see I am always famous for wanting to recycle, or shall I say turn something that no one wants to use into something worth using.  The funny part about this project is..... My friend has this habit of ordering craft projects for her kids classes at school.  She orders them from Oriental Trading, and then gets the items she ordered, and finds out that it's NOT what she had  hoped, or it's not going to be a project that kids that age can really do in a certain time frame or whatever the reason.  Needless to say, she had about 30 packets of these little picket fence welcome sign things...  She decided she didn't want them.  She brought them to work thinking that I could find a use for the kids in our class to do with them.  Well when we put one together we found that our special needs kids in class would definitely not be able to handle the project.  She told me she was just going to throw these kits away...  OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOO... You can't throw that away, Something can be done with them.... I just didn't know what yet....

Needless to say, I ended up with the whole batch of these little craft kits with these very thin, and not so attractive wooden pieces.  I was thinking about making these little paper strawberry boxes, but didn't know yet what I would use them for.   The Light Came on....  ah-ha... I will use some of those picket fence sticks that my friend gave me.    I had to use a couple of packages of those fence pieces, I cut them to the height that I needed, and then started gluing them together to create my basket.  Once it was together, I painted it with white craft paint.  Already they looked so much nicer.

Well needless to say, the sign that is at the top of this basket, was also part of the kit it once said "Welcome"  I painted that as well.  So that I could use it for this adorable little Belles 'n Whistles stamp called "Belles Strawberry Tea"  I used a digital sentiment that is also sold at Belles 'n Whistles in their new Word Art catagory

Each little paper strawberry box contains 2 little jingle bells, I don't know why I did that, but I just liked the idea that these jingled, rather than just being empty. 

When I gave this gift to my friend, she loved it, and can you believe I had to make her look closely at what it was made out of ???  She didn't even recognize the pieces that once belonged to all of her craft packets that she gave me.  Once she realized, she couldn't believe it, and then said... "I KNEW you would figure out something to do with them"....  So you see?  Be careful of what you might throw away.  It could come to be useful for something one day....  ha ha

If you've actually made it this far in reading this post, you're a doll, since I always tend to turn a "little story" into something longer than I had planned.  Thanks for staying with me.... 
I hope to see you playing along this month over at Elisabeth Bells World.  We're playing bingo, and it couldn't possibly be easier.  Especially since we have the Belles 'n Whistles, bi-weekly challenge as well as the Elphine House Australia bi-weekly challenge. BOTH places allow you to use ANY Elisabeth Bell image....  This makes it great for combining challenges. 

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Sissi4477 said...

Wow, strawberries for me *lol*

Your creation is so .. wow ... so beautiful. Wow.

Wow, was für ein tolles Werk. Total bezaubernd schön. Ich bin absolut begeistert! Ganz ganz klasse gemacht.