September 16, 2011

The Digi Bells Blog Hop and September Release

Welcome - Welcome - Welcome....  I'm so excited, Today is blog hop day, and guess what?  Yesterday was my birthday.  The release this month is my very own personal Digi, can you believe it? 

Yes that's right  **Lil' Lynda's Piano Forte**  is named after me.  Is this not the cutest little girl you ever saw, and ohhhhhh she's just singing her heart out.  The same way that I used to when I was little.

Back at the beginning of the year.  Elisabeth Bell asked all of our DT what they liked most, or what type of personalized Digi they would like to see.  I described my love of playing piano and my love for dogs... and just LOOK what she came up with... I'm so head over heals in love with this brand new digi. ---- Oh I just can't even tell you.  I must say that I think this is the absolute BEST birthday present I could possibly ask for.  I'm truly touched.  So a Huge "Thank You" to Lissy - One Truly Amazingly Special Artist.  =)

I'm first on the blog hop list, so hopefully you have come right over from The Digi Bells Blog, if you haven't, why not hop over and get all the juicy details for hopping along with us, and finding out how you could win this little sweetie for yourself.

Are you ready to see what I've created with this very special birthday Digi?

It's time to welcome "Lil' Lynda's Piano Forte" to the Spectacular Elisabeth Bell Digital Collection.

I , of course,  just HAD to color this image to represent myself, and I colored that cute little piano the same color that my own piano is.  And guess what else?  You see that "Pink" dress???  Well... I'm going to show you all something that is probably a HORRIBLE picture, but It was me, just 9 years old... and in the picture, what do you think I was doing???? 

Oooooooooooooooooooh man....  Look at those very ugly glasses.... What was my mother thinking??  And, as a matter of fact, I think that was my very first pair of glasses....  Do you notice the colors on the dress???  pink/blue....  Same as on my card....  And my beautiful cream colored piano with gold trim.  I still have that piano all these years later.....  Imagine this... I was just 8 years old when my parents bought that piano, and yesterday I turned a dreaded 40 years old....  My piano is still a major fixture in my own home now.  This is soon becoming an antique....Bwah ha ha.....  I have had this piano for a total of 32 years.... Holy Moly.....  That's getting old....  Yikes, what does that make me???

Okay, so now you've had your laugh.....  Giggle - Giggle, Tee-Hee.... LOL 

Seriously though, So I colored my very special Digi image with Copics, and then cut a frame from some heavier cardstock that is also in cream/gold tones.  And then I just began playing around until I came up with a layout that seemed to suit me....  The pink in the background is actually pink velumn that has glittered roses in it.  I debated on adding a sentiment, but I really liked the way it looked without one.  So that is how I decided to leave it.  One of my favorite embellishments I added was the heart shape on the side of that frame.  I actually cut with scissors just a random heart shape, then began gluing it to a 2nd paper, cutting that, then gluing to a 3rd, and kept cutting is I went.... I ended up with a layer of 6 paper hearts all glued together, then I ran it through my Cuttlebug, with an embossing folder, and ta-dah..... My very own embellishment, and as thick and solid as Chipboard would be. 

Alright, I'm sure that I don't need me to tell you how you can win this digi, since you have hopefully just read that back at The Digi Bells Blog.  Sooooooo.... off you go, hop on over to one of our talented GDT girls... Alethea's blog, and see what GORGEOUS creation she's made to help inspire you.

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate, and sharing in my beautiful Digi, and Release Blog Hop.



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