September 11, 2011

Mo's Digital Pencils "Boy Attitude" - Challenge 99

Happy Sunday everyone...  I can't believe it's taken me all day to actually get this post ready....  I just kept ending up doing other things.  I wanted to post this morning, but I kept getting side tracked...

Okay, so today, I'm playing along with the challenge over at Mo's Digital Pencil.  The theme is "Boy Attitude"  -  Well, I can't help but laugh a little... because I ask.... "What Boy doesn't have an attitude?"  Most do... Ha Ha Ha.......  that's what I tell my son anyway.... 

Okay, So I have something pretty cute to share with you this evening, as well as a card that I made for a boy in our classroom, who will be having a birthday this week.  I couldn't resist, especially since he's Always saying "Why do you have to start with me?"  No one says a word to him, and he will just come out and say that.  Quite comical actually.  He always gets a laugh from it....  So he's got a boy with attitude birthday card that I'm going to show here.

I used "Dante's Drum" for this card, he sort of reminds me of this silly birthday boy I know.. ha ha...

I colored my image with Copic markers, and added some Twinkling H20's to Lots of different places on this card.  I only wish the shimmer showed in the photo, like it does in real life.  ha ha.....

Okay, now, are you ready for what I think is just too cute???  This little project made me think of my own son when he was small.  Ohhhh the tantrums he used to throw, I can't even begin to tell you....
Not only that, but this little guy actually Looks Like My Son at that age.... 

If you are the parent of this type of child, you will definitely want to keep this little package in your purse.... ha ha

Now, just what do you think that is??? 
Well, it's a box... but a box of what???

This will certainly stop a screaming child in their tracks, I promise you that!

Hmmm, I wonder what this miracle tantrum relief is!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nice....  Yes Yes, any child in the midst of a temper tantrum will Stop Immediately if you opened up this box, and gave them a tootsie roll. 

That tantrum will probably turn off, just like a light switch.  I can just see it now!
So sad for my own son though, he had such a mean mother, I Never Gave In.
I just let him have his temper tantrum. - Oh My, What A Meanie... ha ha

Okay, I have a little secret to tell you...
After I took the pictures, I snitched a few of those tootsie rolls and ate them.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and checking out my creations for this weeks challenge over at Mo's. 
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