October 3, 2013

MiC - Challenge #2, Coloring Eyes

Hello everyone.  Wow - I've been a color crazed woman the last couple of nights.  In fact, I've stayed up WAY past my bedtime, because I was in such deep concentration on what I was doing.  LOL

I am THRILLED that Make it Crafty has brought back their "Make It Colorful" challenge blog.  The challenges are always so much fun, and can be quite challenging.  They have an easy challenge to wet your appetite and then a hard challenge to get you to explore new ideas and grow more confident.  I have found that it really pushes you to take your coloring techniques one step further.  I think that is why I love the challenges so much.  No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced colorer, the challenges are fun, and really do help you reach just a bit outside of your own comfort zone. (not to mention getting some constructive feedback from some of the super talented girls on the team) I feel that the best part of participating in these coloring challenges is the feeling that you've accomplished something, and learned something new! 

Alright, enough of my babble.....

I'm entering two levels of challenges over at Make It Colorful Challenge blog
First I'm going to enter my very first attempt at coloring eyes into the easy challenge.  This was supposed to be just a practice, which is why I didn't use the "right" kind of paper for coloring with Copics.  BUT....  I actually thought that my "Practice" came out pretty good, so I continued, and finished coloring the image.  So here is my entry for the "Easy Challenge"
I've used "Crystal" from Make it Crafty for all of my coloring samples.
However I did alter her eyes just a little so that I had a blank eye to work with.
I used a picture of a little boy I know, I had commented on his eyes one day, and just HAD to take a close up of his eyes.  They're gorgeous!  So since I had this picture, I decided to use his eyes as my inspiration.

MiC Easy Challenge Entry:

Here is a close up of my very first try. 
(Blending with Copics is not good on basic cardstock)

 Now in an attempt to try to add some light/reflection to the eyes, I decided to practice again....   and just so that I wouldn't be bored using the same colors, the same girl has the same color eyes, but everything else is different.... 

And her close up picture...
(Still coloring on basic cardstock)
I'm a bit happier with the outcome of this one, but I was still not completely satisfied.
I had to keep going.
Which brings me to the next one...my entry into the Hard Challenge over at Make it Colorful's Challenge Blog.  The hard challenge is to add a Reflection to the eyes!  (Yikes)

Yep, I finally used the right paper for coloring with Copics.  What a difference!

Here is a close up of this one.

  And there you have it....  Now you know why I said earlier that I was a color crazed woman the last couple of nights.  I was determined, and I just can't quit until I feel I've reached my goal.  Do I want to go further?  YEP... Should I try Blue eyes next??  Hmmm, maybe....  LOL Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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