My Fofucha Dolls

What is a Fofucha Doll, you ask??? 

The term “fofuchas” is a general term that originated in Brazil, it is a term to describe how someone is “sweet, adorable, or loving.”
These Adorable dolls are usually very original and unique gifts for any occasion, many moms love them as decoration for their childrens’ rooms, some like them in their office, or living room.
The original Fofuchas are made with 100% foam, (Styrofoam Balls, and Foam Craft Sheets) but as they have spread throughout the world, many innovative people have successfully experimented by combining foam with different materials to truly personalize these cuties.
I have found that It is very hard to find patterns in English for these adorable Fofuchas.  Therefore, for me at least, it takes quite some time of examining, and studying and testing out things, before I manage to come up with something that works.  Which means, just 1 of the larger Fofucha dolls seem to take me forever.

I have only made a very few, but of course I made 2 large ones to begin with.  Maybe that's my issue.  

Either way... I LOVE them, and hope to continue figuring things out, and building from there...

I really wanted to share my own, so of course, what better place than on my blog.

How about I just get right to the picture posting part... ha ha

Here is my VERY FIRST EVER Fofucha - Gotta Start Somewhere!

Well she didn't turn out too bad, I must say!  

I think it's time for me to set up another Photo section.
I can already see that I am going to LOVE making these.
So lets do this.  =)

I hope you enjoy looking at them.
I will also be selling some on my etsy page soon.
So watch for that. =)

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Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful. Do you teach? I also am finding it difficult finding patterns and instructions in English.