My Painted Flower Pot People

I've decided to keep my adorable hand painted flower pot people photos here.
This gives me a place to share the Flower Pots that I've done.

I hope you enjoy your visit.
I've been doing these for 5 + years, with newer works being shown toward the bottom
of this page. 
Please take a Scroll, and enjoy.

I am always willing to create something different, if you are interested.
Please feel free to use the contact button along the right side and email me. =)

My price for this standard size Sitting flower pot person is $55.00

If a pot has A LOT of time consuming detail Such as the dogs, or the Halloween Chucky Doll etc. These are priced differently, due to the time consuming work and detail. Please ask me for pricing.

Sitting Pot People are $55.00
The more detailed Dogs are $76.00

Candle Holder Pots are $35 for the larger ones, and $30 for the smaller ones.
Larger one is 6.25" tall, and 8" across the top.
The Smaller size is 4.25" tall, and 6.25" across the top.

Small Pots such as the Gingerbread man, or Small Teddy Bears are $40.00
These are made using 4" pots.

If shipping is required, an additional charge for shipping will be added.
If there are extra "props" that are needed, it will be added to the price.
(Example: For The hunter, the riffle cost added an extra $10 to the price.)

Standard Flower Pot people have a 6" flower pots for their head and body.
This does not mean they will be 12" tall. (that measurement is across the pot, not the height)

These pots sit about 10.5" tall from base to top of head.

Pick your plants, and plant them some crazy hair.
I am SURE that You will love the outcome.
Also great as just a collectable, candy dish, or anything you can think of.

*** Interested in placing an order?***
Please feel free to email me

or visit my Etsy shop

Click on any photo to enlarge it

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at my pots.
I'd love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below, or use the link above to send me an email.


Unknown said...

Love Love Love all your work, now I know what I'm doing for Christmas. Thanks, Cindy

Unknown said...

How do I order?? How do I pick one from your pictures?? I have found one in your pictures.Thank You❤

T said...

How do I place an order?

Lynda Nielsen said...

Thanks so much for your comments. =)
Orders can be made by using the link to either email me, or the Etsy link which are located at the top right side of the page. OR if you are viewing this on a phone or tablet, and don't see those things, there are written links in the text at the top of the page

fararsand said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious. What a talented person you are. Can't wait to show my sisters and daughters. Adorable!!!!!!

Susan Bondurant said...

I truly enjoyed & appreciated how much time, effort, fun, frustration (at times, I'm sure) love and sheer joy that you MUST HAVE HAD when you created this imaginative series of such animated clay pot figured.

Thank you so much for sharing such creative ideas with us and I hope you sell hundreds of each item... AT THE LEAST!! ��

Unknown said...

Absolutely outstanding creations, You have a gift indeed, detailed, creative and you can feel the love in each item, keep up the good job, O might struggler a Little before choose one (or two) of your creations! Thank you for sharing, be blessed?

Unknown said...

I Love Love Love all your work. You are so talented. Very impressive art work on Terra cotta pots. I never would of thought of using pots for art. Goes to show you anything is possible 😊 Thanks for sharing your work. Such a blessing to have such talent. Once again, Love it.

John Moorey said...

"The older and lower leaves on my tomato plants are spotted, turning yellow and dropping off. I’m afraid the fruit will sun scald.
What sprays do you recommend?

Buy olive trees online"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I also made just 2 but I really enjoyed making them.

Anonymous said...

I’m in Awe! These are incredible! Your talent goes beyond making beautiful creations, it also makes people smile. Thank you for the smile 😊.