January 25, 2009

Fun Photo Challenge

Oh Boy, I was challenged by Hege
and now I have to dig into my files....
and, my files are not so easy to dig into,
since I have everything organized in folders.

So needless to say,
when I went to "My Pictures"
I knew there wouldn't be anything there.
I save things to an external hard drive.
Okay I went there, and went to the 6th folder...
Nothing was inside, It's a created folder but still hasn't had anything added yet.
So I had to go with the previous folder....
Here is what I came up with!

This is a picture of me and the little boy I worked with at school.
This was taken just before school got out for the summer.
His name is Trevor, and he is visually impaired.
He has a twin named Tyler who is 100% blind. =(
Both Boys are SWEET HEARTS
and I love them both dearly.

I will post a picture that I took in November of both of them together.

Trevor & Tyler - November 2008
Both boys are so comical
There is never a dull moment when these boys are around!

Here are the rules for this challenge:
*Open the folder "my pictures".
*In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
*Write something about the picture.
*Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
*Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged.

Okay soooooo, I challenge
Andrea - Caroline - Debbie - Joey - Mina - Susan


Susan said...

Thanks for the challenge! I'll take you up on it tomorrow. I'm having connection problems tonight and don't want to ruin anything. You rock! And I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

This sounds fun!! Let me see what I come up with. Dear God, I hope it is a good picture!!


Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Oh, I love that photo!! And I can imagine those two boys are sweethearts!!.. Cannot avoid smiling myself, when I look at the photo with both of them together!!... :)))

Wasn't this a fun challenge? Exciting to see what photos others have found! :)

Hugs, Hege

Mina said...

thanks...oh no I hope its a good photo...although knowing my album it will probably be a card lol...will do as soon as I can after my blog candy is finished xxx