January 8, 2009

A little Something for My Desk

Over the past two days I decided to do the "Deep Clean" in my craft room. That means I started pulling things out of all kinds of places, and going through it, and then re-organizing. My desk area was just starting to get on my nerves. A person should never have to dig through things in order to find things. I WAS organized at one time, but my things have sort of grown over time. So it was time to come up with new ideas for storage solutions.
I finished my desk area, but...
there was one more thing on my desk top area
that was really bugging me!!!
My pen and tool container was just WAY TO BIG and BULKY... I wanted to put the tools that aren't used every day in something else, and keep only the ones I do use each day in a smaller container. NOW I had to find a container that would work for me.
I thought and I thought about it.
a light bulb went on in my brain, and Well, I had received one of those reed diffuser things for Chrismtas and I hadn't yet taken it out of the package. The packaging was a clear plastic square. I decided to check it out and see what we had to work with. The package was great, I cut it down to the height that I wanted for my container and then set to work at decorating it.
I didn't want anything too fancy or busy,
so I decided to go with an image inside a scalloped circle.
This is what I came up with.

I went with purples and hunter greens only because I loved those colors together after doing the Roses on Paper Challenge. and honestly I'm VERY pleased with the result of my pen box.
Every side has a Tilda image on it,
(In the picture you can see all 4 sides)
and every Tilda is wearing PURPLES
(by the way it's my favorite color)

Each side of the box is an individual panel, the top of the cardstock I left longer so that I could trim it with a scalloped sissor and fold it over. I tucked lilac ribbon under the flap before fastening it down. Because the box was that Clear plastic, the cardstock or images won't ever get inked or dirty, since they are behind the plastic. I can't say that the back side of the cardstock won't get inked over time, but hey, that's only the back side.
No one ever looks in there! =)

So there you have it, my own little pen box creation,
with the help of Tilda of course!
Oh yeah.... Thanks Mom for giving me that Reed Diffuser!
I'm really loving the BOX! LOL

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