January 7, 2009


Wow!!! I just can't believe it. Two awards in one day!
Especially since I had never recieved one before!
What a surprise and honor
I got my first award from
She has been such a sweetheart and has even been helping
me learn a little bit more Swedish.
She's a great teacher, and an even greater friend!
She is VERY Talented!
Someday Anki, I hope to be as talented as you are!
Tussan Takk for this lovely award!

I think I am supposed to pass it to 7 people,
I am not sure if I am suposed to pass it to the one who sent to me, but I'd like to.
so after giving this much thought, here you go!

~ Aija ~
Bev ~
Camilla ~
Hege ~
Katharina ~
Kristin ~
Summer ~

I have found the most inspriation from these talented ladies!
Thank you girls for all of your beautiful work!


And believe it or not,
I got a 2nd award today as well.
As if I wasn't surprised enough already,
I am now doubly surprised to find
Andrea has also chosen me for a different award.
It was so sweet of her to think of me for this award
when there are so many others out there whose blogs
are so much better.
I have to say that I am usually my own worst critic
and these awards couldn't have come at a better time.
Talk about really lifting my spirits today.
Thank you SO MUCH!

And now I need to choose who I'd like to give this award to.
Janna, Jodi, and Peta all have beautiful sites and such talent too!
Thank you ladies for sharing your creativity! =)

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