January 13, 2009

Magnolia Vs Stampavie - *Week 9* - Give A Little

This weeks challenge for "Magnolia Vs. Stampavie" was a little bit more of a challenge.
I could have entered my clock, but I had already posted that just for fun, and then my pen box that I posted a few days ago could have also worked, but once again I had already posted that. I wanted to have something new.
Needless to say I really had to struggle as to what to make, because I didn't really have a lot to choose from here, and I'm certainly not going to go shopping to buy something just to make.
Then I remembered the address book that I had started just before Christmas, the furthest I had gotten was to cover it with paper. Then the holidays came, and it got put away for some other time. THIS is that other time.
So I got it out, and decided I'd finish it.

My husband says it doesn't match because you can't mix pink's and purples. HA HA HA... what does he know, he's a man!
Then I guess I should have told him that you can't mix navy blue and gray then. What a nut!
I used more pinks in my coloring to try and bring out the little bits of pink that was in the paper.
Personally I am very pleased with the outcome, regardless of what my husband thinks.

For Christmas, I gave away 2 books that were similar to this,
but dumby me, forgot to take pictures of them.
So I'm glad I at least took a picture this time.
This book was originally just an ordinary spiral bound journal with a hard cover and binding. Since I was desperately in need of a new address book, I decided I'd make mine a journal type, so that I can use as many lines as I need for someones address etc.
(Have you ever noticed you can never fit the information in those small spaces in a real address book?)
The whole thing worked out perfectly.
The book had enough pages, that each letter of the alphabet was allowed 5 pages, with the exception of XYZ which I used only 2 pages, therefore leaving me 3 pages at the end to make a section for just phone numbers, for quick referrence.

I took only the front view picture, but I think that will be good enough. The inside has circle shaped tabs with the alphabet on them. After uploading my picture I got another idea that I might decorate each page where the tab is. Just for something fun. Maybe I will eventually do that, and also maybe add some sort of inspirational quote or saying there. I don't know, you can always add to it I suppose.

Anyway, enough talking, here is my address book.
I hope you like it!
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