December 2, 2009

My Son's Big Surprise (Early Christmas Gift)

I just HAD to share this with you all.
bear with me for a little doggie history
Back in August, I went through the whole dog breeding bit
with my Male Springer Spaniel
therefore giving me the right to take first pick of the
litter of puppies.

Well, right after the puppies were born,
my son immediately spotted the one he wanted.
Of course newborns don't have their spots yet!
This particular puppy just had this real goofy looking mustache
and my husband and I both told my son
NO - Any one, but not that one!

By about 3 weeks, we had decided that we were going
to give the puppy to Douglas as a Christmas gift.
So therefore, we would pick the one he's had his heart set on.
This little "Mustachio" as we've been calling him was chosen
without my son knowing it.
Now the other puppies are starting to leave one by one
to go to their new homes.
My son comes home from school very very upset
wanting to know WHY I haven't chosen a puppy yet.
And if I don't hurry up and choose they will all be gone.

So explained that they will not be gone, because
I had the first pick, he got tears in his eyes and said
"MOM!!!!  You don't understand, already one has left and
gone to his new home"  LOL
So we went to visit the rest of them
and I decided that I had better just give him his puppy early.
I put a bow in my pocket before going to see the puppies

My poor son, he NEVER thought that the puppy would be HIS!
So while he was pre-occupied I tied a red velvet bow to
this little Mustachio puppy, and then had someone ready
with a camera.
I then had my back to the doorway, and he was called into the room.
When I turned around, I handed him the puppy.

DO YOU BELIEVE that he didn't even notice the bow?
I had to say "STOP & LOOK"
Let me tell you, he was surprised, especially when he looked
at the puppy's face and saw that it was the one he's been
in love with from the very beginning!

So of course I just HAD to share this very very cute picture
with all of you.

Is this not the cutest little face you have ever seen???

This was what he looked like as I was handing him
to my son.... 
and here is the proud owner of this new little guy

Do you think he's happy with his early Christmas present?
Yes I think so, because I wasn't even allowed to hold
that puppy after that.  I had to BEG my son to get his shoes
back on so we could go back home.
He tried to tell me that we weren't leaving without that puppy.
Ummmm.... Yes, we were, I wasn't going to bring that little
guy home on a week night when I knew I'd have to leave him
alone in his kennel all day the next day while I'm at work.
So I told him as soon as he was home from school on Friday
We'll go and pick up his new little baby!

Of course I have to show you the proud parents
Although, I think this puppy's mom is about sick
of these little guys - And Daddy Gus hasn't seen
them yet.  He's going to LOVE playing with him I'm sure!

Now if that little puppy doesn't look EXACTLY like his daddy,
I don't know who does!  LOL

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings
You see, it doesn't take much to amuse me!


Mercy said...

lynda...that is priceless! you know i'm a sucker for puppies! :) i know your son is just tickled to death!

Anonymous said...

How precious! You cutie son and the puppy! LOL! Wishing you all a blessed holiday.

☼ Cheryl* said...

omg sooooo cute!!!!!
Your son chose a gorgeous little puppy, he looks sooo happy :) I LOVE his name 'Mustachio', hehe. Are you keeping his name as that?

Tammy said...

Oh what a great early Christmas story and a wonderful Christmas present for your son!

Summer said...

What a wonderful posting Lynda! Yay for Mustachio (I'm hoping he'll have another name, LOL!) and yes, I'd say I can see just where he got his little "mustach-io"! LOL!! =)

Michelle said...

I love Springer Spaniels, they are the best dogs! Adorable!