January 1, 2010

Club Anya & Friends New Years Contest - WOW

Here I sit after a long day of paper crafting
Let me tell you - This day just flew by!!!
I did NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING
other than Color, Cut, Paste....Oh and Photograph..LOL

I just HAD to take part in the big New Year Celebration
over at the fresh new Club Anya & Friends Blog.

They had challenges EVERY HOUR on the hour...
Can you believe it?  It went from 9AM - 8PM...
Do the math... Do you know how many challenges that is?
That is a total of 12!!!!
That is just NUTS
Who in their right mind would do that many challenges in one day?

Guess what?  I DID THEM!
But hey, I never claimed to be "right in the mind" LOL

Sooooo, I thought I would post my cards here,
even though I posted them in the Galleria

So get ready to see some of my wacky things!

 Use as much bling as possible on your card/project.

Sure.... Why not.... But I wanted to do something a little different
so I used beads!


Sewing, stitching, or faux stitching etc -
No Problemo, I can handle that!


Flowers???  That's easy enough.... Ok...Here we go again...
and I know just the one I'm going to use!
Thankfully I had this Hope & Grace image already
colored and set aside with the papers I would use
Ummmm, this has been set aside for months now.
I haven't had time to put the card together,
so this made this particular challenge a breeze!
But this is the only image that I already had pre-colored.

- High Noon -

Kim Nath's SHAPE UP for the New Year Challenge

Shape up or ship out as my mother used to say...
Ohhh wait... that's not what Kim meant!
She wanted us to make a shaped card!
Not a typical card shape! LOL

SURE KIM... I can do that!
Here's my chance to use my new Travel Anya
from last months release!
I made a suitcase card!

1 PM Lysa's BRING ON THE COLOR Challenge

Use Gray, Pink, Green & Cream on your card or project.
Hmmmmm, different, but OKAY!

Back to my craft desk I go....

2PM Melyssa's TAG, You're IT! Challenge

Ohhh nooooo, I hate being "IT"
Okay, I'll create SOMETHING that includes a tag...


What??? You want me to make a card from looking at a
picture of a bedroom in a magazine?
Are you crazy?  I have NEVER done this before!
How on earth am I going to manage this?

Okay, so I used the colors, and a couple little splatter marks
and it came out SOOOO CUTE!!!!

I told you she was cute!

4PM Cindy's It's ALL About Sparkle Challenge

Waaaaaait a Minute!!!!  Didn't we already have a sparkling
Blingage sort of challenge today?  Okay fine then -
You want Sparkle, then you're getting Sparkle!

How's that for some sparkle?

5PM Kim Costello's “Not the NORM” Challenge

Use TWO colours you never use...
the ones that you only try if they happen to go with a patterend paper.

Haaaa, I know JUST THE COLORS!
I have this God Awful paper that a friend of mine had a ton of
and shared... HOLY COW I can't use those colors together!

Here's my chance!

But I love how I was able to use Sweater Ian
(the Christmas gift that TGF gave exclusively to the DT)
Notice the diamond shapes on his sweater AND ON THAT PAPER?

6PM  - TGF's New Farmer Randi wants to have a
New Years Mask-erade Ball Challenge

Use a 'masking' technique - or any kind of mask that you want to!

Okay, I can do the masking, but gee whiz, this is going to
Slow Me Down now....

Alright back to my desk, gotta get moving.....

Wow - Check out these fresh chicks!!!
Aren't they pretty?

7PM Mary's BLACK TIE AFFAIR Challenge

Use Black & White and add one other color!

Ohhhhhhhhh my.... such a dressy affair!
I know just the people for this date!

and Finally....

8PM CHERYL's Flowers,RIBBONS and BOWS Challenge

Wow - the day just vanished while I worked diligantly
at these challenges.

First of all, I can NOT believe that Cheryl would
pick such a task for this challenge. 
I CAN NOT DO BOWS - I really struggle with those!

The challenge is to use bows & flowers!
Okay, I'll give it my best shot!
Here we go!

Heyyyy, not to shabby!!!!
And finally I am done with ALL of the challenges!
Whew... 12 in 1 day, this is a new record for me!
I didn't think I'd be able to do it!!!

But if you could only see how fast I worked,
and watching the clock all day!
I allowed myself 45 minutes for each card,
because I wanted to allow myself those extra 15 minutes
and believe me - most of the time I JUST FINISHED
the previous challenge card in time for the next challenge
to be posted!  Boy there's nothing like playing
"Beat the Blog Post"  LOL

So there you have it, NOW you know how I spent my day!
I'm completely beat, and I think tomorrow I will NOT pick up
a single Copic!  I'm taking a day off!
Imagine That?

Thanks for taking the time to look through
My Crazy Creations!

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