May 14, 2010

Little Rapunzel Let Down Your Long Hair... Another Elisabeth Bell Digi Release! =)

 Good Evening!  It's New Digi Release time....  Oh if you only knew how much I've wanted to show this darling little creature!  LOL
Elisabeth Bell has REALLY REALLY REALLY Outdone herself this time.  This months new Digi release is called "Little Rapunzel"  and what a fitting name!  You are going to fall in love with this little sweetie!

I am just so thrilled to be asked to help Elisabeth showcase Little Rapunzel.  Thank you Elisabeth for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  =)  I just have to tell you all how much I fell in love with this little beauty, and making just one card was not all I could do.  After I was done, I just HAD to make another!  AND........ Guess what?  I already want to make another one!  I can't get enough of her!

You probably would LOVE to know where you can get yours, right?  ha ha....  Well maybe you should search for her ALL OVER the internet... Oh no, that's not right... Okay fine then, you can find her at Elisabeth Bells Digital Collection gallery.
Alright, Alright.... Okay then, I'll just show you what I've made...  Oh wait.... ha ha....  Just kidding!

*Screams* Seeeeee?????  She's gorgeous isn't she???

I have to show you the inside of this card, because I used another one of Elisabeth's earlier Digi images.  The beautiful Parasol.

Okay, as I said earlier, I couldn't stop with just ONE card, I had to make another.  with a slightly different color scheme, and Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!!!  What do you think?

I just LOVE her in pinks & purples, (My favorite color combo)  =)
I have to tell you, my mom was looking through my cards yesterday, and happened to see this one, she went nuts.... and I quote....  "WOW - This is just darling.... Is it for sale?"  I told her I was thinking of my nieces birthday, and guess what...She thought the same thing....  So okay, I will let her give it to her.  =)

I have to tell you, I just can not wait to see what the other girls have created with Little Rapunzel.  =)

You can find theirs by clicking the links below!  =)




Lilian said...

Okay Super Lynda! I can't believe you made 2 cards and with pretty insides too! Gorgeous coloring and love the button letters.
Your niece is very lucky! My niece was staring at my fan and wanted to make one for herself. How can you say no to kids right?
Have a wonderful weekend!

debby4000 said...

Wonderful, adorable cards Lynda.

Elisabeth Bell said...

Awww, Lynda, your work is sooooo gorgeous! Thanks so much for your participation once again, I couldn't do without you! And a BIG Happy Birthday to your niece!


DebraK said...

Your mom asked you if it was for sale---? too funny! I love the new stamp--simply gorgeous! And you did it more than justice by your creations. lovely!