October 11, 2010

HOLY COW.... I WON TGF's Altered Notebook Contest!!!!!

I have been walking on cloud NINE all day....  I'm so excited, I just have to share the reason why...My altered notebook that I made for The Greeting Farms Altered Notebook Contest was chosen as a winner!!!    Yes, Yes, really it was....

Do you know what that means???  It means I won a gift certificate to TGF for $150.00  YOWEE, I LOVE shopping at TGF, this is just SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!

The funny part about this whole Altered Notebook contest was that I was unsure if we were allowed to submit more than one.  So I did submit more than one, but then I got an email letting me know that unfortunately I could only choose one altered notebook to enter.  Sooooo, I decided to keep the Christmas Cookie notebook there.  I just LOVE those little Amelia stamps...  Needless to say, I was one LUCKY Duck, because this book was chosen as one of the winners!!!  Hurray!!!

Here is my Christmas Cookies Altered Notebook.

When I designed this book, I was thinking of the several times I find, or have a friend hand me a cookie recipe.  I am the worst at organizing recipes on recipe cards.  I would actually rather just have them written down in a notebook.  So that was my inspiration for this Christmas Cookie Altered Notebook.

Last holiday season, when I was a "Fall Gardener" for The Greeting Farm, one of the stamp sets that I was given to work with, was the Christmas Tag set.  Well I thought about it last year, that those adorable little images on those tags reminded me of Christmas cookies.  Sooooo, now was my chance to use them as COOKIES...  I colored my images, and my cookies with Copics, but the "Cookies" are topped with Gloss accent, and are raised by pop dots. 

Aren't these two "Amelia" stamps the cutest?  I couldn't resist masking them together, so they looked like sisters or friends that were getting ready to bake...    Little did I know at the time, that a brand new Oliver & Amelia set was about to be released and they are baking or eating cookies....  Naturally I had to use them somewhere, so before sending this book off to Marie, I incorporated those images on the inside covers.  Sooooooooooo Cute!!!!  and DUMBY that I am, I forgot to take a picture of it...  So I guess you'll just have to trust me that they are adorable inside there!!!

So that book made it, and I was so excited that I packaged that book, as well as the 2nd book that I had originally made and entered until I had to decide on only one of them.  I've decided that I would send them both to Marie.... she is sure to have a better use for it. 

I thought I'd share a picture of that book here as well, even though it wasn't actually in the contest... But oh well.... Marie will get both books.  =)
I think if the post office had been open today, they would have already been shipped off, but since it was Columbus Day, no post offices were open.  Tomorrow morning, I will leave a little early for work, and stop at the post office. 

A little eager aren't I?  ha ha...  I can't help myself, that's what happens when I'm on cloud nine.  I told you I was excited, didn't I???

Alright, I guess I should stop my rambling, and finish this post, so I can get some sleep.  Back to work in the AM, and going on a field trip with he kids to the Apple Orchards, lets hope it's not yuck weather....  LOL

Thanks for listening to my excited ramblings....  LOL

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