December 23, 2010

Belles 'n Whistles Advent Calendar - Window 23

Greetings everyone. I truly hope that you've all been enjoying the Belles 'n Whistles Advent Calendar this year!  Haven't the DT been doing such an awesome job? I think so!

I wanted to share with you all, the little thing I created... for....  SUMMER!!!  Not the Season, but the Person!!!  I have to admit to all of you girls... I'm having a hard time parting with this, because what these pictures show doesn't even capture how truly cool this really looks.... are you ready????

okay, so what do you think so far? 

I have to tell you that this Christmas tree caused me to have some major gluey fingers! ha ha
AND... in this picture, there seems to be some glue showing on the tree, but actually it's Modge Podge
that hadn't dried all the way... I did not have time to do the tree over again, and I do believe that it will eventually dry all the way... but in the mean time, I kind of think that the modge podge on the tree branches look pretty cool.

But what I love most about this 3D box is the stuff that you don't necessarily see clearly in that first picture....
Well actually what I love MOST OF ALL about this 3D box, is the fact that these are some especially Spectacular images!  Elisabeth Bell, being the artist behind these gorgeous Belles 'n Whistles images, you just can't help but fall in love with them.  Right?

Obviously, I used "T'was The Night Before Christmas" from last years Holiday release, as well as some of the accessories from the "Change-a-belles" collectionThe Puppy, The Present, and the small potted Christmas Tree in the background.    But unless you look closely, up in the corner behind the BIG Christmas tree, you probably wouldn't notice the picture on the wall  It's Belle on her Rocking Horse...  Also another one of last years Holiday releases from Belles 'n Whistles.  She is called "Rocking Around".....

I'm going to show you another angle of this 3D box, and in it, you'll be able to slightly see what is back behind Santa... It's a fireplace or hearth, whichever you would like to call it.  THIS is not a stamp at all... I NEEDED the fireplace so badly, but couldn't use what I had from Belles 'n Whistles, because a certain 2 little ones were looking up the chimeny.... They are supposed to be sleeping, so that was out... This is actually a coloring page scaled down.... scaled WAY down....  But I just needed something there in the background....  

And last but not least, I know it doesn't show up real well in the photo, but you see those red things on the top of this box?  You will never believe what they are.... Well I'm not talking about the crystals that are from Magnolia.... I'm talking about the 3 round circles there...  They are actually lids to jars, wrapped in ribbon, and are the PERFECT size to hold tea light candles....  When the lights are dim, WOW you should see how that sparkles.  =)  Unfortunately I couldn't capture that part, no matter how many times I tried.

Alright - Alright, I will stop my chattering!!!  I can't help myself, that is what happens when I'm completely in love with something... and believe me, I AM in love with THIS!!!!

So Summer my girl.....  Merry Christmas.... this gift will be on it's way to you very soon.... Unfortunately NOT in time for Christmas this year, BUT....  It will be yours very soon, I Promise!!!


Anonymous said...

Lynda, I happen to catch this on the BnW blog and wanted to stop by and tell you WOW!! That is one gorgeous project girl!! You've put so much work into that!! What a stunning Christmas Even scene with these images! I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year my friend!!HUGS

Tina said...

Honestly this is so stunning! I love the Christmas scene you created!!! Gorgeous!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Kim Y. said...

So beautiful, Lynda! Lots of details to see! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!