October 19, 2008

The Leif Ericson Pumpkin Project

My son had to pick a character from history and use that person to do what they call "The Pumpkin Project" what they did was find 10 facts about that historical person, and incorporate that into their poster.
They get a certain amount of points for each thing completed.
The poster would get points for being colorful, neat, well organized, and well thought out. Then they had to either draw, carve, paint or somehow decorate a pumpkin that would represent that historical character.
I'm so pround of my son, not only because he had good ideas, but also because of who he picked for his historical character.
With our Norwegian heritage, I guess it shouldn't suprise me that he would pick Leif Ericson. But he did.
He's very proud of his heritage just like his mom I guess.
All I can say is WOW what a nice job!
Yes he had a little help from me, but over all, he had good ideas for a layout, and even added some of his own artwork on the poster.
He drew a viking, (right side of poster board) and designed the layout completely by himself. It was of course my idea to use the cricut to cut out the letters for the name, and also to put colorful border around the photo's and the text, but other than that, I'm very proud of him.
As for the pumpkin, I have to admit that he didn't do that, I don't think he would have had the patience, and I was scared to death to let him use an x acto knife....But.... I even impressed myself with the outcome. Too bad pumkins will eventually rot....
I just LOVE the way it looks.
Here are some pictures!


ANGELO said...

Wow, your son's project is really incredible!! He did a great job!

Thanks for joining my blog candy! Good luck in the draw!

Kristin :)

Donalee said...

What an awesome job!! Makes Zach's look so lame! :0) = Donalee