January 7, 2009


Wow!!! I just can't believe it. Two awards in one day!
Especially since I had never recieved one before!
What a surprise and honor
I got my first award from
She has been such a sweetheart and has even been helping
me learn a little bit more Swedish.
She's a great teacher, and an even greater friend!
She is VERY Talented!
Someday Anki, I hope to be as talented as you are!
Tussan Takk for this lovely award!

I think I am supposed to pass it to 7 people,
I am not sure if I am suposed to pass it to the one who sent to me, but I'd like to.
so after giving this much thought, here you go!

~ Aija ~
Bev ~
Camilla ~
Hege ~
Katharina ~
Kristin ~
Summer ~

I have found the most inspriation from these talented ladies!
Thank you girls for all of your beautiful work!


And believe it or not,
I got a 2nd award today as well.
As if I wasn't surprised enough already,
I am now doubly surprised to find
Andrea has also chosen me for a different award.
It was so sweet of her to think of me for this award
when there are so many others out there whose blogs
are so much better.
I have to say that I am usually my own worst critic
and these awards couldn't have come at a better time.
Talk about really lifting my spirits today.
Thank you SO MUCH!

And now I need to choose who I'd like to give this award to.
Janna, Jodi, and Peta all have beautiful sites and such talent too!
Thank you ladies for sharing your creativity! =)


Jodi said...

Lynda, Congratulations on your awards!! Thank you for thinking of me and choosing to share the award with me, I greatly appreciate it!! =)
Jodi =)

Aija said...

Congratulations to you about the awards! And thank you for thinking of me. Thank you also for your very nice and warm words on my blog.
I looked around your creations and love those colourfull piece of arts!

Bev said...

Thank you so much sweetie

hugs Bev x

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Thank you very much, Lynda! I really appreciate it!!! I'm so glad for the visits you pay me and the heartwarming comments you leave - they make me happy!! :D

Wishing you a perfect day!!
Hugs, Hege

Peta said...

OMG - What a lovely surprise Lynda, Thank You

Angelo said...

Thanks a lot for this really nice surprise and for really heartwarming words! I love every visit from you in my blog, and I love to visit your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your work :)

Have a nice day, Lynda!

Hugs, Kristin :)

Camilla said...

Congratulations on the awards sweetie!! And thank you so much for giving me one! You are toooo sweet!:) I am really honoured by the words from you *hug*

Janna said...

Lynda, Congratulations on both of your awards!!! Your work certainly deserves it! You are unbelieveably talented.

I am so sorry I have been so remiss in coming out here and visiting! I have definitely missed you and am about to catch up on all your work. Thank you so, so much for the award! You have no idea how much it means to me! Thank, thank you! I feel compltely undeserving next to you!

Lots of smiles,