March 20, 2009

Rebel Rock Stars Rock The Farm

WOW!!!! That's all I can say about the challenge this week
on the "Club Anya" site.
If you haven't had a chance to go visit there yet,
you really MUST GO!

What a challenge this one was,
but I finally finished.
HOURS of my time went into this one
I think I spent more time on this card
than I have on any other for a very long time.

But then again I was breaking ALL the Rules,

And taking my "Happy Chef" Ian
and making him into a ROCK STAR!

It took some Stamping, some editing, and some drawing
to get him to look like "The King" =)
I have to say, since I just LOVE Elvis,

I wish THIS WAS MY Birthday card.
I don't even want to give it away.

The alterations I made were changing the bottom of Ians pants
to make them bell bottoms
I copied and then mirrored his right arm so I could
take away the arm holding his tray.
I drew an old style microphone and placed it there
and of course I had to draw in the side burns.
His chef jacket had some buttons removed,
and then the remaining 2, moved to the center.
I created a "V" neck look, and allowed the right side of his jacket
to resemble the scarf that Elvis wore.
I let him wear his white suit that had all the gold on it.
Doesn't this little Ian look like an Elvis impersonator?

Mind you, now the Happy Chef Ian image
is now a digital image on my computer,
and I'm going to save him just in case I want to
make another "Elvis" card.
He's just the CUTEST!

The guitar paper is from DCWV "Rock Star" paper pack
which I've owned for about a year,
and hadn't even taken the stickers
off the sides, so it's never been opened.
I had been saving it for my sons' next scrapbook.
But for this occasion I had to steal a sheet. LOL
The gray glitter paper is also from DCWV.
The little records are cut using my Stampin' Up circle punch
Using DCWV Glitter stack.
And all sentiments were created by me on the computer.
that pretty much sums it all up.
So without further ado
Here's ELVISand the inside


joey said...

Lynda this is 100% awesome! Fabulous work, I so want to try this challenge but aaaaaahhh I dont know where to start I am amazed at everyones fantastic creativity.

Martha said...

oh my gosh!!!
so so cute, i showed it to my husband and he taught it was so cute!
you did an awesome job!

debby4000 said...

Oh he is brilliant, I wouldn't know where to start. Absolutely marvellous card.

Janna said...

wow, wow, wow!!!!!! We were so hoping we would get an Elvis in this contest and you delivered!!! Thank you!! He is amazing!!! I love the sideburns and the glittered jumpsuit!!! Amazing!!! the microphone though is perfect!!! I can hear him singing now!! Your layout is so rocking and I love the old vinyl record and all the bling! Exceptional work!!! You rocked it!


Heather said...


This is amazing!!! I had thought of an elvis, but I was thinking doing somthing like my good friend Janna on the DT did with Gieshas hair and flipping that middle part upside down from elvis's huge middle tousel of hair!!!

I would never have thought to use the chef, and that is a great idea girl!!!

I so love your card you rock, I am friends with several of the DT and I know they are ga ga ing over your sweet ideas!!!!

Great job!!!


Jodi said...

OMG!! Lynda!! This is absolutely Awesome, I love how you really made it a true Elvis! GREAT job! LOVE it!
Jodi =)

Bev said...

I likey a LOT!! What a fab card honey - love the colour combo and the fab sentiment. Brilliant x

Anonymous said...

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