April 21, 2009

An Award & Some Good News for a change!

Good Morning ...
It's a VERY RAINY - YUCKY Day here in my area of NY. Just YUCK!
The kind that makes you just want to go back to bed.
So needless to say, here I sit with a hot pack on my shoulder
because I'm still dealing with the shoulder and arm pain, just not as severe as it has been for the past 2 weeks. I really need to get this in good working order before this coming Monday.

Do you want to know why?
Well, last fall I had lost my job, a job that I loved dearly, working with Special Education children that are Kindergarten age. I was crushed, heart broken, and just lost without that job. Then came the financial issues that always come with losing a job. But I kept my chin up, and applied for jobs regularly. In this economy jobs are just so hard to come by. I hate to tell you how many times I was turned down because I was "OVER QUALIFIED".
If you only knew how mad that made me!
The way I look at it is, WHO CARES if I'm OVER QUALIFIED, I need a job, I'd do anything. LOL

Okay so I dealt with it.
Back in January, I answered an advertisement for a position needed in a private school that was Strictly "Special needs & Special Education" they needed a teachers assistant, which is what I was doing previously. It couldn't be more perfect right?
Well I never heard a thing, about a month ago I got a call from that school and they asked me to come for interview. I had never felt more at home in that school that day. I could tell they would have liked to hire me right on the spot. But of course they can't do that, they have to do background checks and all of that.
Well, they did their background check, and guess what?
They called me yesterday afternoon, and offered me the job and told me that they hoped that I would accept. Boy did I accept.
I'm sooooooo happy about not only FINALLY getting a job, but getting THAT job, because it's really what I love to do.

I will start on Monday the 27th. Needless to say, I was so excited, I probably wore a path in my kitchen and dining room, walking back and forth for over an hour while I called my family members to let them know. THEN wouldn't you know I couldn't sleep at all last night.
I'm a little silly this morning, only because that's what happens when I don't get enough sleep.
So that's my Good News! Or shall I say "GREAT" news.

Then I find that I have been given an award for my blog!
Hege gave me this award!

I just couldn't believe it. Talk about making a person smile!
She is such a sweetheart, and for thinking of me for this award, I'm truly feeling honored! Tussen Takk Hege!

Can my week get any better? We will see I guess!
But for now, I would LOVE to pass this award on to a few others.
Hege, I know you already have it, but your blog really DOES make me smile.
I love the things she creates, what a crafty chick she is, and I'm so happy that she finally has an option to become a follower. Now I can be notified. =)

Boy, do I talk a lot or what?
Okay now, who else ...

Ohhhhh Dear Beverly!!! Bev.... We must ALL know the very fabulous and talented Bev. This girl has talent oozing out all over the place. One visit to her blog and you'll know why she has probably been given this award several times. With all her little details and do-dads that just jazz up everything she touches. She's got some creative juices let me tell you. Not only that, but she truly is such a sweetheart too!

Dustin - Yeah he's the man, Every time I visit his blog I am smiling! With his artwork and digi images, a person can't help but smile! I am hooked on those adorable creatures!

Next is Janna - I've visited her blog off and on over the last few months, I remember during Christmas time, her creations just really made me drool. Such talent there! Since I joined the "Club Anya" challenges, I have seen so much more of Janna's work, WOWZA, that's all I can say, this girl really is the Copic Queen, and her creativity is beyond anything I have ever seen. ALL OF YOUR "STUFF" makes me smile Janna!

Then there is Jessica - Another "Club Anya" girl.... Visiting her blog will definitely put a smile on your face. I just love her work, and better yet, I love how she gets her kids involved. They make sketches for her, can you believe it? It's AWESOME! You Rock Jess!

and last but not least - (because it's alphabetical)

Tab.... Oh Tab, whenever I see your name the first words out of my mouth as I sit here where no one can hear me anyway, is... "Oh boy, this one is going to be awesome I just know it" SURE ENOUGH IT IS.... If you ever want to see talent and pizazz, you better go visit Tabby. I usually just sit here looking and reading with my mouth hanging open, and wondering "HOW DOES SHE DO IT?"

If you guys have already gotten this award, oh well, you are getting it again, and why not?
Okay, now I've written the first chapter in a book,
Do I get a book deal out of all this writing?
Oh, Well, it can't hurt a girl to dream can it? LOL
No, but seriously, I'm sorry for such a long post!
Hope you all have a Great Day!


Ri said...

Cool blog.
I am glad you got that job. It's so rewarding to have a job you really like.
Hugs Ri

Risa said...

Congratulations on your new job and award Lynda, you are very deserving of both!

Mina said...

oh wow how fantastic...a huge congratulations on your fabulous new job...you go girl xxx

Tab said...

Oh honey congrats on the job front that is awesome, so please for you!

....and well what can a say about the little bit you have just wrote about me...bless your heart you are truly one of the loveliest ladies I know, you always have such kind words to say when you pop by my blog! Thank you so much for the award, I am truly touched!
Hugs Tab xxx

joey said...

Hiya Linda, congrats on your award, and huge congrats on your new job :O) enjoy your first day. Joey.xxx