April 5, 2009

Not to bad for 14 years old

My son and I have been having an argument about his
"Drawing skills"
He insists that his skills are just crap,
and he really doesn't have any skills at all.
He thinks that the ONLY thing he can draw is his shoe
(I posted that last week I think)

So this morning I made him sit down and TRY to draw a person.
So to prove to him that it was good enough
I decided to color the image,
and will later on make a card using the image.

Once he saw it colored he couldn't believe
that it was actually HIS drawing.
I told him that I was going to post it on my blog to share his talent.
He's always so negative, I'd love to prove to him that
he should be proud of what he CAN do,
and not sit there and say I CAN'T all the time.
So here is his first "person" drawing.


Karen said...

Lynda, this is fab, your son has done brilliant here. I have just spent the weekend doing some crafting with our 7 year old grandaughter and it is just so rewarding and like you say so much is negative in their lives. Let him know that I think he has done well.

Karen x

Jenny said...

Way better than I could do...way to encourage him! Keep it up, Mom!!!

Stampin' Meg said...

He certainly draws a lot better than me!!! That's why I stamp- 'cause I can't draw!

Melyssa said...

Wow you did an awesome job Doug!! I thought he was a stamp!! Keep drawing Doug your a great artist.

LINDA said...

WOW!! this is GREAT Doug!!!If this was a stamp I would buy it..Keep on drawing..You could make money as an artist..
Hugs, Linda