April 8, 2009

Whiff of Joy - Challenge 25

Wow, what a fabulous sketch we had for this weeks
"Whiff of Joy Challenge"
Created by the very talented Katharina!

The DT cards there are gorgeous, and full of inspiration.
I decided to play along this week, since I skipped last weeks.

I used my Tombow markers for coloring
The pink papers are from Stampin' Up
and the purple/green printed paper is BasicGrey
the polka dotted papers were from my scrap stash.
The sentiment I used is from
Digital Stamp Oasis Sentiment Collection.
Flowers are just punched flowers using matching papers.


Anonymous said...

Lynda i love your take on katharina's sketch it is beautiful, great papers and your image is coloured beautifully. hugs rachxx

Donna said...

What a lovely card Lynda, love the paper combo you chose, and your coliring is lovely. Great flowers too.

Graphicat said...

Great Job! I love the paper and coloring! Looks lovely.

Pascale said...

Love this Lynda I love everything about it hugs Pascale

Debbie said...

So sweet..

Ellie said...

lynda, this is beautiful! I love the papers you used.

debby4000 said...

WOW this is gorgeous, beautiful image and fab papers and details.

maxine said...

I love this card its fantastic the colours are great.

Bev said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! xx

Annika said...

Beautiful card! Love those papers and the lace is yummy!

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

beautiful card- lovely lace fantastically coloured

Helena said...

Fanastic card, love the papers that you have choosen.


Anonymous said...

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