January 27, 2010

TGF's CHA Relay Race - Day 4 - The Last Challenge =(

What a sad sad day....Unfortunately ..
The Greeting Farm's CHA Relay Race challenge
has come to a hault.  It has gotten out of control.
Unfortunately for those of us that were playing
and putting our whole heart into it, we lost out
on some inspiration and some fabulous fun
creating with these digi's.

But with some unforeseen circumstances,
everything had to end right away.

I had started my card this morning BEFORE
getting this next digi, little did I know that
when I arrived home from work, the sad news
would be posted...

I sat down at my craft table with what was laid out
in front of me this morning sitting there waiting to
be worked on.  As I looked down at it with a heavy heart,
I felt as thought I lost my momentum to go on.

My heart just wasn't in it anymore.
Yes there were some issues of the TGF Galleria crashing
from overload, but that could have easily been handled.
So it was a minor glitch but in my opinion posting on our blogs
and leaving a link to it in the comments was a great alternative.
It was working!  But then... there are always those that make
things all the more difficult. 

The girls over at TGF have worked so very hard,
to help make this all possible while
Marie & Jessica are in CA at the CHA Show.
I feel terrible for Marie & Jessica for having this
added stress on top of their busy schedules at CHA.
I just can't believe that all of this had to happen.

I give Mercy, Cindy & Kelly so much credit.
They did so much, and had HEAPS of emails to send out
and many complaints to try and cope with.
Those girls are WONDERFUL...

****  Heavy Sighs  ****
Well....We had a good run though...

So I thought I would post my Prince Ian card
that I had to finish this evening with a sadness in my heart.
So I'm sorry if it's not the greatest, I just sort of lost my mojo
this evening...  On a happier day I hope to use Prince Ian again,
with a happier spirit, and hopefully I'll have a better result.

I appologize for my "blah" card.

Because of my state of sadness, I ended up screwing
up on my sentiment on the front, but I was just like
"Oh man... whatever..."  I coudn't even bring myself to fix it.
Then on the inside I had already scanned Princess Anya
 just so that I could shrink her to size.  I colored her and placed
her just inside on a little doily. 
I really didn't want her to dominate the card!

But I had done that prior to this news, and of course the other
side where the sentiment goes, came this evening after my
Crafty Mojo was gone.. I feel as though I just sort of threw
the rest of it together..  Definitely not my best work.

So I appologize for my "half hearted" card...
I'm hoping for a little mood boost soon, so I can get
right back into the swing of it all, and do what I love to do most.
Create with these awesome TGF images.

To all the girls at TGF, you're awesome,
and I love you guys!
You tried to do something fun and exciting for us all,
and I had a blast!
You guys are the best!


Bram_fam said...

I didn't participate in the challenge but I was checking out all the wonderful cards as I am a big fan of TGF. It's very unfortunate that the challenge had to be discontinued :(. I just wanted to tell you that your card is really beautiful. I know that you feel really sad today but I just wanted to let you know that you are so talented and I just loved looking thru your blog.


Sammi said...

Hi Lynda! (HUGS)
well... I think that your card is still better than some I do on a good day! I do hope you will be able to be brightened up soon!

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Lynda,

I can totally relate with how you are feeling. I went through the same thing. When I saw Prince Ian I was so excited and knew exactly how I wanted my card to look. When I found out that they were canceling the relay, I lost something and put my sentiment on off-center, forgot to put my DP on the bottom of the card under the castle, etc.

But on the upside..TGF is coming out with some fantastic new things on Monday and we both can look forward to enjoying the new stamps/digis!

I am sure there are more wonderful things to come and we will once again be taking care to do our best.