March 14, 2010

Belles 'n Whistles "Where do they Live" Challenge

 Have you visited the Belles 'n Whistles Blog lately?  If you have, then you must know that we are gearing up for our next big release.... and notice I said BIG.....  Little sneak peeks have started being shown, and we will be hopping very very soon....  You may have been in love with the last release, well I can assure you that you are going to FLIP over this new release.  But in the mean time, Summer is hosting a challenge called
"Where Do They Live?"  She wants to see your most creative way to show where your Belles 'n Whistles Stamps live.  Different right??? But OH SO FUN!  Get out your camera, and show us where your stamps live!
2 lucky people will win the upcoming release!!! 

Okay so naturally I had to go crazy with my little creation, and show you where Belle lives in NY State...
New York is NOT so pretty this time of year, but at least Belle and her friends are keeping cozy and warm inside.

I'm sorry but there are no flowers along the front of the house, and the rose bushes are bare....  Everything is just yuck right now!  And yes, that's right I do still have Christmas lights hanging there, but oh I don't turn them on, but until it warms up a little you won't find me out there climbing up there to take them down.  LOL

But anyway, you may be wondering why those beautiful girls are only in that one particular window.  Well, that is because THAT is my craft room.  I have a funny little story to tell you.  The neighbor who lives diagonally across the road tends to be a little bit into peoples business... ha ha.... One day she saw me outside and then approached me and said... "WHO's room is that room on the end?"  I said "That's my craft room, why?"  She said "Ohhhh, because I was wondering why the light is on in that room so late at night many times"  HAAAAAA.... You just have to laugh when it comes to neighbors like that! 

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the Belles 'n Whistles Blog and check out this awesome challenge, and while you're there, try to figure out some of the sneak peeks.  Summer is really making it tough, she just loves to build the suspense level... I swear!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and seeing where my Belles 'n Whistles Stamps live!


Elise said...

Oh Lynda! Okay, you know how you said you wished it were spring there in NY on my post? Well, I'm looking at your beautiful house and wishing our house was covered with snow like THAT!!! lol! Oh, it looks so cozy, and I can just image having the fireplace on, and drinking some hot cocoa .... mmmmm.
Well, I LOVE how you've created your picture with the little cuties in your craft window! How clever!!! And as for your neighbor ... LOL! That's too funny!
Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous picture! Wish we had snow like that here in Vegas! :)

Katie said...

Great picture!! I only have one question....what type of tree is that on the left corner of your house? Do they grow all over NY State or just at your house? I'd love to get one in my yard!!
Love the picture, great idea!

Summer said...

Lynda....I LOVE your creativity, always! Your Christmas lights...hardly noticeable--infact, I hadn't noticed till reading your post, LOL! And your neighbor story? Priceless! I wonder how many of my neighbors wonder the same thing here, hehe! Too funny! =) MWAH!

Vanja said...

What a gorgeous house, Belle is a very lucky girl! :) And lol to the neighbour. It's a good thing my room doesn't face the street. :)

Hugs, Vanja