April 6, 2010

TGF's - FFF - "Farm Fresh Squared" And a Huge Thank You From Nick

 Well, it's another awesome day of vacation here, even if it is raining.  I want to get the most out of my days off, before I have to return to the zoo.  Yes that's what I call my job, the ZOO!!!  No I don't really work at a zoo, but the kids at the school I work at are definitely animals! ha ha

Okay, enough about all of that!  I actually got a lot accomplished over the weekend, even when it was Easter weekend.  I played along with this past week's Farm Fresh Friday over at The Greeting Farms Blog.  This week it was a pretty cute sketch from Cindy.  I loved it, and couldn't wait to use it!  In making this card, following this sketch, I also decided to make it a "Get Well" card for "TGF Cares" Charity Card Drive.  I intend to make a lot of cards for that charity.  Which also brings me to the point of saying a HUGE Thank-you for all of you who mailed cards to "Nick"  I received a lovely thank you note from him and his family that I will scan and share here at the end of this post.

Anyway, you can read more about the TGF Cares Charity Card Drive by clicking the link above.

Alright, so now for my Farm Fresh Friday card.  Here is the sketch we had the privilege of working with.

and here is what I came up with for this challenge.

Now isn't she just a doll? I'm sure she will put a smile on some little girls face, and that was my goal!

Okay so that's that!!!

Now for all of you that thought of Nick, here is a beautiful THANK YOU from him and his family.

I saw Nick just before our Easter break, he's doing well. So far, so good, and he's such a good sport, and laughs over his mothers comments about having 2 more holes in his head and he could be a bowling ball. Poor kid! But hey, at least his hair is starting to grow back now! Still not able to a lot of physical stuff, but he's at least out and about, and able to go back to school etc. You all had a big part in making a 14 year old boy smile when things looked so grim! Now doesn't that feel good?


Guylaine said...

very cute TGF card

Annika said...

I never got around making Nick a card :( It's wonderful to know that many people did though and that he was enjoying getting those!
I am sooo jealous of all your Wags'n Whiskers stamps! lol They are sooo cute and look such a fun to colour.
Truly adore your cards, your have such a fun sense of colour and pattern and your colouring is just beautiful! You also have an amazingly steady hand doing the faux stitching ... mine always looks wonky and God-awful!