July 30, 2010

Phindy's Place Friday Challenge #16 - "Clean & Simple"

Another week has passed, and it's Friday again... can you believe it?  Where is the Summer going?  It felt like not long ago I had a weeks vacation, and dreaded going back to work for another 6 weeks of Summer School.  NOW, there are just 2 weeks left...  I'm already counting the days until our 3 weeks off.  ha ha

Alrighty then, I know you didn't come here to hear about my countdown until my next vacation, right?  So what did you come here for????  Ohhhhhh yes, how about a quick little post for this weeks Phindy's Challenge?  Does that sound about right? 

This weeks Challenge over on the Phindy's Place Challenge Blog is so simple....  There should be LOTS of entries for this one!  "Clean & Simple" is the name of the game!!!  Think you can handle it?  awww, I bet you can!

My card this week is a little bit different, definitely NOT my normal style, BUT.... My husbands grandmother is in the hospital after a fall, and I wanted to try to make my card look like a view from a window.  Why???  Well who knows, but that's just what I wanted to do!  Wouldn't you like to look out the window and watch a Giraffe bending low to some baby chicks?  Sure you would!  LOL

This is what I came up with.  Can it possibly be any more simple than this?  I'm sure that "Babcie" will love it!
I have to admit, I was almost worried that I would NEVER get this card posted, since my internet connection has NOT been behaving for me lately....  But at last I'm connected, but who knows how long this time.. Such headaches, you know?

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Thanks for stopping by today, and listening to my rambling.  You'll have to excuse me, I'm a little dopey with pain medication.  Toothaches are no fun, and who likes Dentists, but that's RIGHT where I'm headed today!  I'm actually going to be relieved to get there.  I'm just worn out from the tooth pain that I've been dealing with all week. 

Wishing you all a SPECTACULAR Weekend!  =)


Tammy said...

This is such an adorable card and I love the looking out the window idea. Your MIL is going to love it!! Great coloring!

Sylvia said...

Lyndy, this is gorgeous (ok.. I would not say it's 'clean' and it's also not 'simple' ;-) but it's definitely GORGEOUS!!!!)
Love love love the image and what you've done with it! Fantastic card!
{hugs} Sylvia

Annika said...

I'm sure she will will absolutely adore it! Such a beautiful card and your thought behind it is lovely!

Risa said...

Hi Lynda,
Although I haven't left any comments lately, I want you to know that your cards and creations are beautiful and very inspiring!
I love your card, the coloring and detailing are amazing!!!!

Ann English said...

Okay, my friend, you need to re-read the description of clean and simple! This card is GREAT-love the image, the embeliies...but simple it is NOT!!! Hoping your DH's grandmother is not seriously hurt.

Anne said...

Lynda what a beautiful card for your MIL, I'm sure she will love it. Perfect sentiment for the image too