August 8, 2010

TGF's FFF - Cindy's Sketch

 Okay, this has got to be one of the funniest birthday cards I've made in quite a while!  I decided I would play along with this weeks "Farm Fresh Friday Challenge" over at The Greeting Farm's Blog.  Cindy has a pretty simple sketch she'd like us to follow, and it just so happened to work out in my favor for this Birthday card that I needed for a party later today!  =)

My son's friend Keith is 16 years old today.  Keith has always been addicted to the outdoors, and anything to do with hunting, and fishing etc.  In fact, he LOVES to dress like a hillbilly, or another words, he wants to be a "Redneck"  He's just TOOO FUNNY!!!

So for his 16th Birthday party, his parents decided to let him have a "Redneck Themed" Birthday party.... What Keith doesn't know is that his friends will be showing up ALL DRESSED the way a "Redneck" would dress. 

So in honor of Keiths 16th Birthday, he is getting a "redneck" card!  LOL
I used 3 different Ian's from The Greeting Farm.  I just LOVE being able to swap out heads, clothing, hair and whatever else I possibly can with these TGF stamps.    So that's what I did, in order to create this very unique little "Redneck". 

Meet "Redneck Ian" 

His hat is from "Baseball Ian"  His head is from "Surfer Ian" and his body, is from the "Rock the Farm Set"....  I colored him using Copics, and did my best to get that camo look to his clothing!  I can't wait to see Keiths face when he gets this card later.  I think I'm definitely going to have to bring my camera to this party.  Maybe... Just maybe I can post a couple of them here later on.

Alright, card is finished, challenge is entered, and NOW it's time to go get ready for this "Redneck Birthday Bash"  ha ha

Thanks for stopping by.

UPADATED WITH A COUPLE OF PARTY PICTURES...  This party was just TOOOO FUNNY!!!  They had a contest for who looked the most like a "redneck"  and the teenage boys were playing air guitar and singing.... What a riot!

Of course I have to include a picture of my son dressed up this way.... I almost couldn't stand to look at him this way!  LOL

That's my son all the way on the left!

And then there is the Birthday Boy with his TGF "Redneck" card!  =)  The good news is that Keith LOVED his card!!!  =)  LOL

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Payne Holler Cards said...

this just cracked me up!!! have to pop over and get this image/sentiment - you did an adorable card with them! toooo cute!