December 25, 2010

Elisabeth Bells World - Decembers Monthly Challenge

Hello all of you Elisabeth Bell fans!!!!!!
First and foremost, I wanted to wish you all a 

It's hard to believe that it has been a month already since the second monthly challenge over on the Elisabeth Bells World Challenge Blog!   NOW it's time for a new challenge. 
As usual, you will have almost a full month to complete something and enter....  Entries close on Jan 22nd...  so what kind of creativity do you have up your sleeve?

I'm almost sure that none of you are really in the mood for creating anything this week, but.... The challenge this month is to create ANYTHING WINTER
Maybe a gift for someone or a gift bag plus a card.
It can't get any easier than that can it?  Well I have to show you something that I was THRILLED with the outcome of.... 
Our DT all did a Secret Santa Christmas between us....  Well, when I saw that I had drawn our sweet Pati's name, I just couldn't help but to put together a gift that even I would love to receive....  sooooo, this is what I did.....

So there you have it.... the FULL Panoramic view of this gift bucket.  I was very excited about showing this, but probably not as excited about Pati receiving it.  Merry Christmas Pati.  I'm so glad I was able to "Knock your Socks Off"  =)  Pati hit the jack pot here, inside there was the Winter Sampler Stamp kit from SCACD, a Fall stamp called "First Leaf of Fall" also from SCACD.  A couple of accessory stamps from Belles 'n Whistles "Change-a-belles Collection.  Ribbon, some little gems, metal corners for crafts, and several handmade flowers in her favorite colors.

I have a funny little story to tell you all about these wonderful Images....  With the holiday season being so busy, my time for crafting was packed full of projects that needed to be done.  But I couldn't let my usual household things be neglected.  Well, I had taken several LARGE blankets to be washed in a Laundromat because they have those HUGE washing machines and dryers.  These quilts wouldn't fit in my own washer and dryer here at home. 

So knowing that I would be spending at least 2 hours just sitting there waiting for these blankets to wash and then dry, I knew that I would be wishing I could be getting some craft things done.  Sooooo as smart as I try to be... I packed up 12 stamped or digi images, and a few select copic markers and headed to the laundromat .... ha ha....  Once everything was set and washing.. I sat on a bench with these adorable stamped images on a mini clipboard on my lap, and began my coloring.  That's right, CRAZY ME sat in the laundromat coloring these cuties.... 

Lets take this silliness one step further....  I swear that I'm a magnet for kids....  This is a common thing, I have NO IDEA why kids, (Strangers Kids) always seem to want to sit next to me and talk to me...  Well this time it was no exception.... Suddenly I had a little boy half leaning on my lap trying to watch me color.  Of course all the questions were coming out of his mouth such as.... Why did you use that color?  What are you doing? Why are you doing this? What is it for? and blah blah blah.... Tooooo funny....  the poor little boy's father was so embarassed....  No sooner do they leave, suddenly I feel this shadow behind me....  I turn to look, and there a grown woman is standing over my shoulder watching me color....  LOL...  She apologized for 'being nosy" as she put it, but then explained that she was completely amazed at the coloring style.  Which of course lead to a full conversation about what types of crafts I do...
10 minutes go by, and a little girl is sliding closer and closer to me on the bench.... of course she was the one who wanted to color the images with me... haaaaa....

What a funny day that was... but yes, these sweet Elisabeth Bell images were all colored while sitting inside of the laundromat.

The Images that I used are:  

1.)   "Look Out Below"  - SCACD (Susana's Custom Art & Card Design)
2.)   "Snow Gear Snow baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
3.)   "Snowball Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
4.)   "First Snowball of Winter" - SCACD
5.)   "Snow Fight Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
6.)   "Sledding Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
7.)   "Winter Susan" - SCACD
8.)   "Catch a Flake Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
9.)   "Melinda Christmas Angel" - Whiff of Joy
10.) "Merry Sledding" - Belles 'n Whistles
11.) "Skiing Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles
12.) "Peek a boo Snow Baby" - Belles 'n Whistles

I'm sorry that this post is filled with so much writing... but I had a lot of details to share!
I hope you enjoyed your visit here, and were inspired to try something like this yourself.  =)

Best wishes to you all, for a 


Renkata said...

wow just wow
such a delightful project.
Amazing design.
Merry Christmas Lynda.

Pysselbus said...

*love, love*love* What a wonderful project!!! Lucky Pati!!! And what fun to read about you coloring away when doing laudry.... *lol*

A very Merry Christmas to you Lynda, you brighten up my day!!

Stor kram

Janiel/ janny said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! ILOVE this dear!!!
hugs, Janiel

Tina said...

Wow what a wonderful project and I love the story behind making it. :D Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Karen said...

Wow! You put such a lot of work into this and you can really tell!! It's lovely Lynda!
Wishing you a wondeful new year.xx

Shazza said...

WOW this is amazing Lynda and love the story about where they were coloured. I would sit and watch you too!!