December 14, 2010

How to Sweetly Survive the Holidays Digi Bell Style!!!!

Good Morning, and a Happy Tuesday to you all!

Today is the day that I am posting over on The Digi Bells Blog, so I thought I'd share that post here as well, because......
I thought I'd share my unique way to survive the Holiday Season in just ten easy steps. 

 1. You start off with an ordinary bucket. It could be any color, mine actually was pastel yellow! ha ha..

 2. Find a beautiful GOLD spray paint... Everyone loves GOLD, don't they?

 3. While it's drying, gather some SWEETS!!!

 4. Traditional Holiday Colors ??? Sure, why not? It always looks so nice with Gold.

 5. Find the PERFECT images to use.... I know where those PERFECT Holiday images are.... If you're nice, I will share the secret... They aren't hard to find... But just to make it easier for you.... 
You should LOOK HERE!

 6. Color your GORGEOUS images...

 7. Start applying them to your golden bucket.

 8. Embellish with Ribbon and Bows, or whatever you like.

 9. Clear Coat everything, and let it dry.



Isn't it Cute???  I just couldn't resist this little bucket of sweet stuff.  This is actually a gift for my sister who happens to live in Arizona.

Wouldn't you know that her favorite candy is Peanut M&M's and Diet Pepsi.  ha ha...  Of course I added some Candy Canes in the traditional peppermint, as well as the Hersey's "Mint Chocolate" ones.  I then topped it off with some Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses.

Ohhhhhh, but wait....  What about this adorable little sweetie at that mailbox???  Ahhhh yes, this image is called "Letter to Santa".  Do you know why I love this image for this particular project???  Because my sister doesn't see much snow in Arizona, unless she goes to the mountains, AND.... if I could send her a little bit of snow, I would...  BUT... Since I won't be seeing her for the holidays, her gift will be mailed.  I think she's going to love this adorable bucket.  That sweet little girl on the tag that is attached to the Pepsi bottle is another one of Elisabeth's Digi's called "Eden's 2nd Christmas"  What an absolute Doll!!!

Just to be sure she didn't miss NY State too much, I just HAD to include something else on this bucket.

Just a little taste of what she's missing!  ha ha....  I used this months new Digi from Elisabeth Bell called "Frosty The Snowman".  Have you been blog hopping with The Digi Bells???  You still have time, YOU COULD WIN THIS FABULOUSLY ADORABLE DIGI.   Get ALL the Details HERE!

Now, if my sister is to survive this Holiday Season, this will surely help.  Don't you think?

Also, Should you decide to make one of these survival kits, and keep it yourself, you will have just ONE MORE STEP in the process...

11.   EAT IT, and ENJOY!!!

All images used on this project can be found in Elisabeths Digi Shop.  Where you can get several different enchanting images to play with.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my directions on how to SWEETLY SURVIVE the Holidays!


Pysselbus said...

Ohh, WOW!!! I'm in awe!! What a gorgous project!! *love, love, love* I just have to try this!!!

Popped a little something for you in the mail today and hopefully it will get to you before Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wowzer girl!! This is so so awesome hun!! WOW!! I love it!! You are so clever girl and I really love it!! What a fabby idea hun!! Who wouldn't love to get this as a gift?!! Beautiful coloring too sweetie!!HUGS