December 31, 2010

Just Magnolias "Anything Goes" Challenge

Greetings!!!  =)

I thought it was about time I shared my project that I made for my mom for Christmas...this fits this weeks "Just Magnolia Challenge" ...  I didn't want to post it prior to Christmas because I was afraid that my mother might see it....  She doesn't follow my blog regularly, but wouldn't you know that when I post something like this, then THAT would be the day she pops in for a peek.  ha ha....

I have created her a very special gift bucket, filled with the ingredients already measured out, for her favorite cake called "Kransekake" or (Almond Wreath Cake) and all she has to do is add the egg. It is a Norwegian cake, but around the holidays in our family, we tend to make them into small bars as a cookie instead.  No holiday is complete in our family, without this.

Since she is living on the other side of the U.S. I wouldn't be seeing her for the holidays, so I wanted to give her this special treat to let her know that I was thinking of her.

 I used 3 different Tilda's for the bucket, 2 are from the Yummy For Your Tummy Collection, (Kitchen Tilda, and Oops Tilda)  and the one on the front is Tilda with a Dalahorse.  Very Scandinavian (Swedish actually) but my Norwegian mother won't mind. 

The Tilda on the label is Dinner Tilda, and Tilda with a Dalahorse again.  =)  All other stamps are from Ingerbretsen's Scandinavian Gifts .    I just LOVE those stamps for decorating!  

So now that she's received her gift, I guess it's safe to post this on my blog.  It's not easy when you have to be so secretive around the holidays.  ha ha

I hope you enjoyed my VERY SCANDINAVIAN gift Bucket.  =)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Katie said...

All that work and no comments?! HAHA - that'll teach you to play with blogger!!!
Beautiful job!